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How to unlock iOS 14.5 iPhone with Apple Watch

Apple’s iOS 14.5 is now available and it includes the ability to use your Apple Watch to unlock a Face ID-protected phone while wearing a mask. Since Face ID can’t remember you with that mask on, you’ll be able to get through your day without having to enter your passcode every time you have to use your smartphone. You can unlock your iOS 14.5 iPhone simply by switching on the screen as long as your smartphone and watch are in near proximity.

It’s simple to activate the functionality that leads you towards how to unlock iPhone with apple watch once you’ve updated to iOS 14.5 (and watchOS 7.4).

♦ Scroll down to the new Unlock with Apple Watch choice in Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

♦ To activate the function, turn it on. (You don’t have to do anything with the watch.)

How to unlock iOS 14.5 iPhone with Apple Watch

Here’s what you can anticipate now that it’s up and running. The first and most significant thing to remember is that your phone is looking for a face with a mask, not your face with a mask. When this feature was activated, my wife could easily unlock my phone while wearing a mask if I was within three or so feet. When you enable the function, Apple even tells you about it.

When you use your Apple Watch to unlock your iOS 14.5 iPhone, the watch buzzes you and displays a message that your phone has been unlocked, as well as a button to lock it. When you press the lock button, the phone is automatically locked and needs a passcode to unlock.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I’ve had a lot of success with the feature so far. I tried it with a few different masks and it succeeded for me for all of them. It’s worth remembering that the phone is searching for a face with a mask, because if your iOS 14.5 iPhone is on the table and you want to unlock it, the Face ID camera won’t be able to see you.

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Even, not having to enter my passcode any time I would like to search my grocery list while shopping is a great advantage that I consider to be worth what I consider to be a slight security trade-off. The feature may not be suitable for those who keep top-secret information on their phones, but to learn how to unlock iPhone with apple watch will increase the quality of life for everyone else.

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