It’s Time to Honor Men on International Men Day!

On November 19, the world celebrates International Men’s Day, which emphasizes men’s health, gender equality, male role models, and encouraging masculinity in its best forms. It’s also a chance to celebrate guys who don’t fit the mold of traditional masculinity, including homosexual and bisexual men, transgender people, or men who identify as non-binary.

International Men Day

When is the World Men Day in 2022?

Although it was originally celebrated in February, International Men’s Day is now observed on November 19.

History of World Men Day

An editorial by American journalist John P. Harris in 1968 criticized the Soviet system for being unbalanced because it promoted an International Women Day for female employees but did not provide a male counterpart. Even though Harris thought that there should be a day to honor women, the communist system was flawed because of the day. Early in the 1990s, Thomas Oaster, the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies’ director, encouraged organizations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to have modest International Men’s Day celebrations in February. These events were successfully hosted by Oaster for two years, but his 1995 attempt had a low turnout. Disappointed, he abandoned his preparations to carry out the function. Australia then followed suit, leaving just Malta to carry on the celebrations.

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The day was brought back in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh of the University of the West Indies. Although there was a day to honor fathers, he came to the realization that there was no day to honor men who were single, or who were young boys and teenagers. Teelucksingh recognized the value of strong male role models since his father had set a great example for him. On November 19, which also happened to be his father’s birthday, his country came together to support a local soccer team’s efforts to qualify for the world cup. Since the resurgence of Teelucksingh, International Men’s Day has worked to promote the positive parts of male identity on the theory that men respond more positively to positive role models than to negative gender stereotyping. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the value of men’s physical and mental health as well as strong masculinity, not to compete with International Women’s Day.

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Activities for International Men Day

  • There are many organizations that help guys live better lives. The Gay Men Health Crisis works to stop the spread of AIDS and HIV while also assisting people living with the virus to become healthier and more independent. (Despite the moniker, straight guys are also helped by it.) The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation promotes self-examination and works to increase public understanding of testicular cancer. Additionally, the ManKind Initiative is committed to assisting men in escaping and recovering from domestic abuse and violence.
  • Find out more about lesser-known powerful men. Think about reading a book or seeing a movie about a remarkable man whose achievements still have an effect on the world today. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, the second person in history (and the first black man) to complete a successful open-heart surgery, is profiled in the book The Black American Experience. Alan Turing, the man who created modern computing and contributed to the conclusion of World War Two, is the subject of a compelling and dramatic portrait in The Imitation Game. Which powerful men are you interested in learning more about?
  • Message the males in your life. Although it may seem like a lofty objective, developing healthy connections with men has humble beginnings. See how your male friends and family members are doing by checking in with them. Happiness at home is half the battle won.

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Why do we like World Men Day?

Today is a day to honor all guys. While it may be true to some extent that “every day is International Men’s Day,” not all men are honored to the same extent. International Men’s Day serves as a reminder that there are many different types of men in the world, and that each one of them deserves to be heard. Today is a day to give to others. Men are under a lot of strain in society; they are supposed to be providers and to hold back on seeking assistance or expressing their emotions. The goal of International Men’s Day is to redefine masculinity and address these issues. All of this is about gender equality. Gender equality is always a noble goal, and International Men’s Day serves as a special reminder to work extra hard to promote good relationships between all genders.

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International Men Day Dates

2022 November 19Saturday
2022 November 19Sunday
2022November 19Tuesday
2022November 19Wednesday
2022November 19Thursday

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