It’s Time to Honor Your Lovely Pet Cats on International Cat Day!

The eighth of August is International Cat Day, a day to honor one of man’s most popular and long-standing pets. They’ve even received veneration as deities (we see you, Egypt.) Cats are among the greatest creatures on the earth because they are independent, intrepid, and curious, have an incredible physiognomy, and have the ability to repair themselves—at least most of the time. Find out a few selections of the top cat beds and litter boxes if you want to spoil your cat with something unique.

It’s Time to Honor Your Lovely Pet Cats on International Cat Day!

International Cat Day

When is the Cat day in 2022?

On August 8, 2021, we honor our mysterious feline friends with International Cat Day.

History of World Cat Day

Cats are mostly carnivorous little furry creatures with four legs, a tail, and claws that people have domesticated as pets since the beginning of time, despite the fact that they originally hunted vermin and are descended from the African Wildcat. Ancient Egyptian civilization contains the earliest known mention of cats in human history. Because the Egyptians revered and regarded cats as gods, we all appear to associate cats with the ancient Egyptians. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet—the first recorded cat deity—was revered as a protection against snakes, scorpions, and evil. For them, cats were thus more than just deities—they were also guardians.

Later, after the Egyptian dynasty was overthrown, cats gained popularity all throughout the world! Cats were once the property of the affluent and powerful in the East, where the Greeks and Romans utilized them to control pests. Although too many cats were slain throughout the Middle Ages in Europe due to superstition and the belief that they carried the sickness during the Black Death of 1348, it wasn’t until the 1600s that cats’ reputation began to improve. To reduce vermin and disease, colonization ships sent cats to America; as a result, those cats landed and thrived. We have over 500 million cats in the world, thus cats appear to be one of the pop idols in contemporary society. And, since 2002, thanks to the “International Fund for Animal Welfare” cats have their own holiday!

Traditions of International Cat Day

On International Cat Day, cats are given the royal treatment. They are lavished with care and love today, not that this isn’t the case most days already. Cats are the pickiest members of the family, so the day is spent taking care of their every need. This includes buying them expensive catnip and their favorite treats, letting them shred and wail as much as they want, and even tuning in to their preferred TV program (there are videos online of cats obediently watching “Tom and Jerry”). Not every cat is fortunate enough to live in a nice home with a comfortable lifestyle. Donations are generously donated to animal shelters and welfare organizations since stray cats are prone to abuse and suffer injuries from traffic accidents and other dangerous conditions. Cats are frequently adopted and brought to new homes, particularly by young people receiving their first pet.

Daily Life Applications of Polarization of Light

International Cat Day Activities

  • It’s time to help people who are in need. There are a lot of stray cats in the world, so what better day to treat them with respect and affection than today?
  • Spend some time with your adorable children. On International Cat Day, you can enjoy yourself and show your cat some love if you have one.
  • Respect them by being “catlike”. Even if you don’t like cats, always treat them with love and respect. Use this opportunity to raise awareness about treating cats with respect on your social network.
  • On international Cat Day, find out different types of cats and buy one for you also but before buying must investigate which cats are house cats. Or learn about food of cats, breeds of cats, life of cats etc.

Facts about cats

It’s Time to Honor Your Lovely Pet Cats on International Cat Day!
  • The record-holder for loudest purr is Merlin, a Black and White Cat from the U.K., whose purr measures 67.8db.
  • On average, cats sleep 17 hours a day.
  • Why cats sleep so much? Cats have adapted to spend a lot of time sleeping during the day. In order to conserve their energy for the hunt, chase, and killing of their next food, wild cats must sleep. Although they may not have a need to hunt, our house cats still have the instinct to sleep and get ready for a hunt.
  • Cats can jump five times higher than their height.
  • Creme Puff, who lived for 38 years and 3 days, was the oldest cat in the world ever. From August 3, 1967, through August 2005, Creme Puff resided in Austin, Texas, with her owner.
  • The longest cat ever measured 48.5 inches. Most people think of domestic cats as being somewhat diminutive and delicate animals. But did you know that Stewie, a Maine Coon, was the 48.5-inch record-holder for the longest cat in the world? Whereas, the record for the tallest cat belonged to Arcturus at a whopping 19.05 inches tall! Those are some big cats.
  • Your small cat is capable of travelling at speeds of almost 30 mph!
  • When Blackie’s billionaire owner passed away, he received a 7 million pound fortune, according to “Guinness World Records.”
  • Cats are not attracted to sweetness at all since they are unable to detect it.
  • Do you know, why cats meow? According to science, cats only use their meows to talk to humans and not to each other – except to their mothers when they are kittens. Cats meow for a variety of purposes, including to greet us, request items, and alert us to problems. Meowing is an intriguing vocalization because adult cats only meow at people and not at each other.

Lifespan of Cats: How Long do Cats Live?

Why we like International cat day?

We cherish every living thing. Holidays like today demonstrate that people do appreciate all living things, and that there are more of us than not who respect and love cats. It’s simple to believe that we are the most significant creatures on Earth, but as a sweet reminder, we are not alone, therefore we must respect the rights of all living things and do our part, beginning with our dogs. Scientific research has shown that cats’ natural stress-relieving abilities promote mental health. Our bodies can release chemicals that reduce tension when we pet a fluffy cat.

International Cat Day Dates

2022August 8 Monday
2023August 8 Tuesday
2024August 8 Thursday
2025August 8 Friday
2026August 8 Saturday

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