In a musical narration with Audible, Tom Morello retells his life story. The rocker, 56, launched his Audible Original book ‘Tom Morello at Minetta Lane Theatre: Speaking Truth to Power Through Stories and Song’ to take fans on his life’s musical journey.

Los Angles Times

Telling his storey through words and music, Morella discusses his past with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, from his childhood through to his career.

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Explaining the inspiration, he said to Collider: “There are a number of projects that I have recently been interested in, from my MasterClass to a picture book of my life (‘Whatever it takes’), and putting out a guitar with Fender, which have been projects that are more related to my life than to particular songs in some ways.

“I’ve been spinning campfire yarns for years, and some of the friends and family I worked with were like, ‘You really should bring all this together, as a way to share your story.’ ‘I’m very relaxed and confident with the crowd, chatting and sharing stories, and then mixing it in with some shredding guitar feels like it’s a fun thing to do and a way to communicate with fans from different generations.’

The guitarist was asked to turn his story into a video-but he chooses to work with Audible because he has more control over the script.

He explained: “There are endless offers to do documentaries about the endless bands I’ve been in, but I liked that because I could really direct the whole thing. Listening to it, there’s a lot of stuff that’s brand new, you didn’t realize.

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