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How to Upload Music to Spotify: Android/iOS/Desktop

While Spotify has over 70 million songs, there are a few songs that aren’t available. On YouTube, for instance, there’s a remix of a song I enjoy by a little producer. The song isn’t available since this producer doesn’t have a Spotify artist profile. In situations like these, knowing how to upload music to Spotify can be beneficial.

How to Upload Music to Spotify AndroidiOSDesktop

How to Upload Music to Spotify as an Artist

If you’re like the producer I stated before, you might be considering uploading your own music to Spotify. This comprises tracks and albums that you have self-assembled. Producers cannot post their own music to Spotify and have millions of people listen to it, unlike Soundcloud, YouTube, and many other media consumption platforms. That isn’t the case. As an artist, you’ll need to work with a distribution business to get your song on Spotify. DistroKid, CD Baby, and Tunecore are just a few of the distributors that help new musicians get their start.

How to Upload Music to Spotify Locally (Android or iOS)

In the context of how to upload music to Spotify on Android/iOS, uploading local files to Spotify is the process of transferring music from your device to Spotify. This allows Spotify to play music that you’ve downloaded “locally” on your device. Other people will not be able to listen to your music because it is only for you to listen to on your device.

  • Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet. To open Settings, go to the Home screen and pick the gear-shaped icon in the upper right area of the interface.

1 how to upload music to Spotify as an artist

  • Scroll down to Import in the Settings menu. Show local audio files should be found beneath. Turn this on.

2 how to upload music to Spotify as an artist

  • If you have music or audio downloaded to your device, it will appear in a folder called Local Files under Your Library. This can even include audio recordings made with a voice recorder.

3 how to upload music to Spotify as an artist

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How to upload music to Spotify locally (Desktop)

In the context of how to upload music to Spotify on desktop, the Spotify web player presently lacks the ability to display local files. On the other hand, it is feasible to do so with the desktop app.

  • Open the Spotify desktop client and go to the upper right corner of the screen to the display name dropdown. Make a selection of options.

4 music to Spotify

  • Local Files is located at the bottom of the page. Make sure Show Local Files is turned on once you’ve arrived.

5 music to Spotify-

  • Finally, if your music isn’t displaying up in the left-hand Local Files folder, select ADD A SOURCE and navigate to the folder holding your downloaded music in the pop-out.

7music to Spotify

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