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Here’s how to take screenshots on Google Pixel 6

The newest and finest Pixel range from Google is now here. If you’ve gotten your hands on a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll want to test out the Pro’s enhanced displays, larger batteries, and Tensor chipset. However, especially if you haven’t used a Pixel or Android 12 before, you need get to know the essentials. This quick article will show you how to take screenshots on Google Pixel 6.

Here’s how to take screenshots on Google Pixel 6

Method 1: Using the Pixel 6 series’ buttons

Using the physical buttons on the Pixel 6 series, as with all Android phones, is undoubtedly the simplest way to snap a screenshot.

  • Go to the content you want to capture and click on it.
  • Hold the Power and Volume down keys down for a few seconds. When the screen flashes, let go of the buttons. The image has been saved to your Pixel.
  • You’ll also see a notification at the bottom of the screen with options to edit, share, or delete the shot.

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Method 2: Taking a Pixel 6 screenshot without buttons

You can also use a shortcut from the Recent Apps panel. This strategy of learning how to take screenshots on Google Pixel 6 takes a little longer, but it’s an option worth knowing about.

  • Using the slide up and hold gesture from the bottom of the screen, go to the Recent apps page.
  • Scroll through the apps you have open until you select the one you want to take a screenshot of.
  • At the lower left of the screen, tap Screenshot.
  • The image has now been saved to your screenshots folder.
  • Using the Recents trick, like the method above, allows you to edit or share the screenshot after you’ve taken it.

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Method 3: Taking a scrolling screenshot

The scrollable screenshots feature can be used to record a whole webpage or a list of menu items. It’s also really simple.

  • Use one of the two methods above to capture your screenshot.
  • To increase the size of the screenshot, tap the Capture more button.
  • You can crop the snapshot as needed before saving it.
  • Once you’ve finished, click Save.

Markedly, if the Capture more button isn’t displayed, the programme doesn’t enable scrolling screenshots, and you won’t be able to take anything beyond what’s visible on the screen.

Method 4: Using Google Assistant

If you’re otherwise engaged or can’t physically access the device, using Assistant to learn how to take screenshots on Google Pixel is ideal.

  • Say “Hey Google” to activate Google Assistant.
  • “Take a screenshot,” say once Assistant is awake.

Check if Assistant is permitted to capture screenshots if this doesn’t function right away or if Assistant doesn’t understand your command.

  • Activate Assist & voice input in Settings > Applications & notifications > Advanced > Default apps > Assist & voice input.
  • Toggle on Use screenshot.

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