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How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone without Buying any Apps

Spam calls are highly irritating and, at times, appear to be endless. Since scammers have become more brazen and clever in recent years, it becomes indispensable to know how to stop span calls on iPhone; especially when it comes to robocalling anybody and everybody, from bogus calls about social security benefits to bogus calls about expiring vehicle warranties.

Remove term how to block incoming calls on iPhone how to block incoming calls on iPhone

The good news is that your iPhone has a few built-in capabilities that can help you avoid spam calls or, at the absolute least, keep them from disturbing your day.

To begin, go to Settings > Phone, where you should find a setting for “Silence Unknown Callers.” If you use this option, any call from an unknown number will be instantly hushed and routed to voicemail. In the unlikely event that an incoming call from an unknown number is genuine, the call will still show in your recent calls list.

Only numbers from your contact list, numbers that show up in your list of outgoing calls (which is useful if, for instance, you recently dialled a customer support number), and numbers from Siri Suggestions, which are numbers that iOS thinks may be correlated with someone you know, will certainly ring when the feature is turned on.

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Moving ahead to know how to stop spam calls on iPhone, you can now block a certain individual or entity’s number if they keep phoning you nonstop, which becomes harassment at some point. To do so, navigate to Settings > Phone and look for the Blocked Contacts setting. After that, you may choose “Add New,” where you may choose which contact you want to block. No phone calls, messages, emails, or incoming FaceTime alerts will be able to come through once this option is set.

In view of the foregoing, there may be some reason to be optimistic. According to RoboKiller, a programme that combats spam calls, the total amount of spam calls dropped by 5% in May 2021. While this isn’t a significant drop, spam calls have progressively increased over the last six months.

So, it is hoped you would have now a crystal clear insights on how to silence calls on iPhone. You, undoubtedly, can stop spam calls on iPhone by acting upon the aforementioned steps.

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