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How to Sign a Word Document: A Few Easy Steps

We don’t just mean writing your name at the bottom of a Word document; it looks messy and leaves the door open to falsification. Learning how to sign a word document, you may add a professional touch to your signature by taking these guidelines and using Word’s specialized signature feature, which includes a certificate of authenticity Microsoft Office.

These digital certificates serve as proof to the document’s reader that the signature incorporated in the document is legitimate. You can buy digital certificates from recognized Microsoft partners for utmost assurance that you signed a document personally — but these are expensive and time-consuming to process. Let’s look at how to sign a word document and get a digital certificate on a Windows computer.

♦ Launch Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\, or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 if you have Microsoft Office 64-bit installed.

How to Sign a Word Document

♦ Go down to locate and open the “SELFCERT” executable file.

how to sign a word document electronically

♦ The dialogue box “Create Digital Certificate” will display. Click “OK” after giving your certificate a name.

Word Document (3)

♦ A dialogue box titled “SelfCert Success” will appear. “OK” should be selected.

how to sign a word document online

♦ In Word, open the document you wish to sign, or save it if you’re working on one now. Select “Signature Line” from the “Insert” toolbar option.

how to digitally sign a word document

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♦ Fill in the information you want to appear behind your signature, such as your printed name, work title, and/or contact information. Then press “OK.”

certificate of authenticity Microsoft Office

♦ The document will have a black signature line. Click “Sign” after right-clicking on the line.

♦ Here learning how to sign a word document entails one of two ways: input your name next to the “X” symbol, or click “Select Image” to insert a digital image of your handwritten signature. Once you’ve submitted your signature, either way, click “Sign.”


♦ If a dialogue box appears informing you that your certificate cannot be confirmed, click “Yes” to be successful in knowing how to digitally sign a word document.


It will sign your Word document and save it as “final,” removing your signature if you make any more changes to it. You can easily add it again by repeating steps 7 through 9, but it’s best to sign only when you’re completely satisfied with the document.

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