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How to Screenshot on iPhone: A Tricky Way

Screenshots are extremely useful. Having learnt how to screenshot on iPhone, you can use them to demonstrate how to use a new app to your grandmother. You can use them to deliver a screenshot of that strange error page to the IT department at your business. You can use them to save tweets, whether yours or anyone else’s, until they vanish into the abyss of deletion.

How to Screenshot on iPhone A Tricky Way (2)

Learning how to take screenshots on your iPhone is a straightforward process. Depending on whether you’re using an iPhone with a Home button (such as an iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or other older model) or an iPhone without a Home button, the process varies somewhat (such as an iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 series model). Let’s spotlight the process of how to screenshot on iPhone.

If your iPhone lacks a Home button, concurrently push the side button and the volume-up button.

How to Screenshot on iPhone A Tricky Way

♦ If your iPhone has a Home button, click the side button as well as the Home button.

♦ In the lower-left corner, you’ll see a thumbnail picture of your screenshot.

♦ To enlarge the picture, simply tap it. You can uninstall or share it using the icons in the upper-right corner. Just below, there will be editing tools that will allow you to add highlights or make annotations. You may add text, a signature, arrows, or different shapes by clicking the plus sign in the lower-right corner.

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♦ Finally, in the process of how to take screenshots on iPhone, tap “Finished” in the upper-left corner when you’re done. You have the option of saving the image to Photos, Files, or deleting it.

How to Screenshot on iPhone A Tricky Way (3)

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