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How to Recover Photos from Google Photos

You can backup your images and videos to Google Photos if you have an Android device. However, in some cases you might accidentally delete those files from your device. The images will be removed from your Google Photos account at the very same time. Would you want to get your files back if this happens? This guide will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to recover permanently deleted photos from Google Photos.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on PC

There are a variety of ways to restore Google photos on your computer. The best option is to use trash to restore Google Photos. This approach is simple and productive. With a few easy steps, you can quickly retrieve your Google Photos.

♦ On your computer, go to “”.

♦ Select the menu option.

♦ As can be seen, choose “Trash” from the available options.

♦ When you open the trash, you’ll see all of your deleted photos. From the available photos, you can pick and choose which ones you want to recover. The color of the button will switch when you pick the photo. You can choose a few or all at once, as one can see.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on PC 4

♦ Simply click the restore button, which appears as a rounded arrow in the top right corner, after selecting your photos. This allows you to recover your Google photos from the same folder where they were formerly removed.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on PC 55

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on Android

Your Google Images were accidentally deleted while using an Android smartphone! Well, you can restore deleted Google photos using an Android device by following the steps outlined below.

♦ To begin, launch the “Google Photos” app on your Android device.

♦ Tap the menu in the top left corner to select the trash option, as can be seen here.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on Android

♦ By selecting and holding, you can now pick your deleted photos.

♦ Simply select “Restore” from the drop-down menu, and it is over.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on iPhone

No fears if you have an iPhone. We’ll show you how to quickly restore images from Google Photos by following our step-by-step guidelines. This procedure follows the same steps as for Android, with a few exceptions, as seen in the instructions below.

♦ On your iPhone, open the Google Photo app.

♦ Select trash from the menu in the top left corner, as seen.

How to Recover Photos from Google Photos on iPhone

♦ Then, hold the photos you would like to restore.

♦ To restore your deleted photos, go to the bottom of the page and select “Restore.”

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos after 60 Days

You can quickly restore your Google photos if they are accidentally deleted. The images that have been removed are moved to the trash bin. They’ve been here for 60 days. It’s difficult to get them back after they’ve been deleted from the trash bin after 60 days. You’ll need to use the undermentioned to know how to recover permanently deleted photos from Google Photos.

Method 1.

To restore your files, use EaseUS Android data recovery app. It can also help you recover other types of files, such as messages, addresses, and documents, in addition to images and videos. The recovery procedure is very easy, requiring only a single click! No technical knowledge or data recovery experience is needed. You can now give it a shot on youar own.

♦ Connect your Android phone to the pc using a USB cable and launch EaseUS Android data recovery program. Then, to make the program recognize and attach your computer, press the “Start” button. (Since the program can only access a rooted Android device, you must first root your phone before recovering your data).

Method 1.

♦ After you attach your Android phone, the program will rapidly search it for all of your data, both saved and lost. By selecting the appropriate file types, you can quickly locate any deleted photos or video files.

Method 1. 2

♦ You can easily pick the files you want by previewing all the recoverable files one by one. To list only deleted files, select the “Only display deleted items” option. Ultimately, this is how to recover permanently deleted photos from Google Photos by clicking the “Recover” button.

Method 1. 3

Method 2.

Recoverit is another option for you. Recoverit is one of the most dependable and safe data recovery software available. You can quickly recover your Google photos with Recoverit. It restores your photos quickly and operates for almost any format. Here’s some of the simple process step by step.

♦ Start Recoverit and you select the drive or place where you want the recovery program to look for your deleted photos. To begin, click “Start.” (Recoverit does not allow the recovery of internal photos from cell phones. Choose “External Device” from the drop-down menu if you’re using an external digital storage device).

Method 2

♦ Recoverit will begin searching for lost photos as soon as you click the start button. As seen, this scan will only be conducted on the specified storage unit.

Method 2 2

♦ A list will appear after the scanning process is completed. This list includes the images that can be retrieved after they have been removed. You can look at the images and choose which ones you want to restore. When you’re done, press the “Restore” icon to get your Google photos back. (It is recommended that you save your restored photos to a different hard drive or external storage unit).

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