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Here is How to Quit an App on iPhone: iOS 14 Basics

Even iOS apps can go haywire at times, crashing, freezing, or otherwise failing to function. You might not know how to quit an app on iPhone if you’re new to iOS or haven’t had this happen previously (as opposed to just swiping it off your screen). Here’s how to quit an app on iPhone on iOS 14:

♦ Open the App Switcher by sliding up from the bottom of the screen and pausing in the midway, or by double clicking the Home button.

♦ All of your active apps will be displayed in an overlapping form. Swipe left or right until you discover the app you wish to eliminate.

♦ On the app, swipe up.

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If you want to shut all of your apps at once, there isn’t a way to do so – you’ll have to swipe them off one by one.

If swiping the app off doesn’t fix the matter then tap and hold the side button and either volume button until sliders show. Drag the “slide to power off” button to the right. (If your iPhone has a Home button, press and hold the side or Sleep/Wake button rather.)

Hopefully, this piece of construct would be fruitful for you if to quit an app has become problematic for you.

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