Grounded eventually landed in Early Access and players expect to communicate with their mates. Luckily, Grounded does have cross-play, so setting up an online co-op game session for you and your tiny pals is quite simple.

Like several other Xbox games, Grounded involves interplay between Xbox One consoles and PC. This would make it an enticing cooperative choice for players who have friends across several platforms and storefronts.

It is quick to set up a Co-op multiplayer cross-play session in Grounded. The first move is to host an online game for anyone.

  • Select Multiplayer from the main menu
  • Pick out to Host Online Game
  • Select to create a New Game or continue a previous game save
  • Wait for your friends to join the lobby

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The host will be able to select the game’s degree of challenge. Playing on Moderate is a strong choice for beginners as it highlights some of Grounded’s mechanics. Veterans may also wish to test their mettle with the Whoa! Everyone who just wants to play in the Creative mode (without the fear of spiders) can chill in.

Mild: The yard is a violent area, but the figures are more accommodating and the fire is off pleasant.

Moderate: Moderate level of pain. Manage thirst, hunger, fitness, and stamina while fighting for life.

Whoa! The most brutal way of living your tiny life. Creatures are harder, vitalities are tougher to hold full, and everything breaks quicker.

Creative: No pressure! Elaborate and discover without control of capital or existential risks.

If the lobby is developed, it will require that other players enter the game manually. Grounded is actually in Game Preview/Early Access, so there is no way of sending out invites to the game. Players have to join by taking the steps below:

  • Choose Multiplayer from the main menu
  • Select to Join Online Game
  • Choose your friend from the list

You will have to enter a friend who is hosting a lobby following these measure. The host will start when all the players have entered (there could be four players in a game).

Grounded game host would be the one responsible for saving. Make sure you save the game before you leave so you can start playing it again the next time.

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