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How to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Home Screen

There are a few options if you want to arrange your current apps by hiding some of them. Single app can be removed from the home screen, an entire screen of apps can be hidden, or several apps can be organized into a folder. So, here’s how to hide apps from iPhone’s home screen.

How to Hide a Single App?

How to Hide a Single App

♦ Press and hold the app you want until a menu emerges Based on the app’s features, the menu can contain a variety of choices. However, you will always have the choice (in red) to uninstall the app. That should be tapped.

♦ You may now choose to delete the app from your phone or remove it from your home screen. Choose the second choice. The app is still available in the App Library.

♦ If the app isn’t already in the App Library, you’ll be given the option of either removing it or adding it to the App Library after you tap “Remove App.”

How to Hide a Page of Apps?

How to Hide a Page of Apps

In addition to learning how to hide apps from iPhone’s home screen If you like, you can even hide an entire page of apps. It’s also a great way to hide groups of apps that you only use periodically because it’s so simple to restore that same tab.

♦ Hold your finger on an empty area of your phone before the apps start to jiggle.

♦ At the bottom of the screen, tap the dots.

♦ You can now see tiny copies of all of your screens (except the App Library and Today View). A checkmark appears underneath each visible screen; uncheck any screens you want to cover, then tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

♦ Replace the checkmark of the screen with the checkmark of the screen you want to see again if to unhide any of the screens.

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How to Make Folders for File Organization?

How to Make Folders for File Organization

Moving ahead of learning how to hide apps and a page of apps, folders on the home screen can be used to group related apps together and save space. You won’t be able to fully hide the apps; they’ll still be visible. They will, however, be merged into a single location. It’s really easy to make a folder:

♦ Long-press an app’s icon on the home screen before it jiggles.

♦ Transfer the app to one of the other users you’d like to group it with.

♦ You’ll see a grey icon with the icons for the applications in the folder now. To open the folder and reach the apps inside, tap on the icon.

♦ Based on what applications you’ve placed in the folder, iOS will give it a name. Long-press the folder and choose “Rename” from the pop-up menu to update the name. After that, type the new name.

How to Make Folders for File Organization (2)

♦ To delete an app from a folder, open it, long-press the app until it jiggles, and then drag it out of the folder and to another location on your home screen. A folder will vanish if any of the apps in it are deleted.

♦ You can also long-press on a folder and pick “Remove Folder” to get rid of it. Any apps in the folder are now available in the App Library.

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