Fall Guys is smartly attempting to take the same path as Rocket League, as part of Sony’s August games range with a free month on PS Plus, and it is live today.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an upcoming multiplayer party game (Mediatonic)

The game has not yet reached the store for download at the time of this writing. Modern Warfare 2 Remastered went live at around 3 PM ET a couple of days ago, so I would anticipate Fall Guys to emerge today at the latest, but potentially earlier. Update: Fall Guys seems to be on PS Plus live from 11:30 ET.

Whether you have a PS Plus account there are two simple ways to download Fall Guys for free. The first one is the giant Plus logo that displays on your PS4 home screen that will bring you straight to the main page where Fall Guys will be displayed when it is live. Second, in the PlayStation store itself, the PS Plus tab is.

Fall Guys is not an enormous game so you do not have to worry about installing some huge Call of Duty type. You will have the game as long as you have a subscription to PS Plus but if you don’t, you will forfeit it.

The game officially releases in September on PC and PlayStation, but again, the intention here is to try to duplicate the popularity of a game like Rocket League that has gained attention with a free month on PlayStation so that everyone can see how cool it was. This has turned into interest in the final release and the rest is history, the game becoming a big success spanning years.

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Does Fall Guys have what the next Rocket League takes to become? Early signs are that it is bound to be pretty successful, given the excitement we have seen in their betas so far for the game on Twitch. Developer Mediatonic may not be one you have heard of, but in addition to new titles like Gears Pop, they have operated on dozens and dozens of web- and mobile games! A reboot of Hatoful Boyfriend, the pigeon dating game, for Microsoft and its new partnership with Devolver Digital before Fall Boys. Yeah, you read it correctly.

Yet Fall Guys looks like a milestone moment for the studio and for Devolver as a publisher, as anticipation for Fall Guys has already overshadowed competing BR entries from larger studios like the HyperScape from Ubisoft.

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The game is silly and focused on physics and has already developed a quirky presence in social media. With the small previews we have seen so far, most of the big name streamers I know are about to give it a shot this month, because it is a fantastic “viewer” game with loads of shenanigans to play.

Finally, with this PS Plus feature, virtually the entire PlayStation population will be able to experience it for themselves today. I might have to wait until next week to play again in town, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

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