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How to Get a Refund from PayPal: A Solution

It’s a reality that none of us wants to face, but that the majority of us will have to face sooner or later. We turn our thoughts towards how to get a refund from PayPal when you order something online, it arrives broken. Alternatively, the incorrect hue. Or it doesn’t work at all. Alternatively, the product description does not fit the product. Or it just does not appear at all.

how to refund money on PayPal

You do have choices if you purchased the product via PayPal, but you’ll have to wait. To get your money back, you must go through a series of steps. First, a quick outline — and a word of caution.

Anyone that makes a purchase through PayPal is covered by PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program, which ensures that if there is a problem, you can get your money back. The essential steps on what to do if you haven’t received your item or it isn’t as stated are outlined on PayPal’s Help page. We’ll go over them in a minute. First, some background information.

The Purchase Security Plan is only accessible if you paid for anything through PayPal. If you merely sent money to somebody — say, a buddy or a relative — there is no way to get it back after the money has been accepted (unless they agree to refund it). As a consequence, if you’re buying something and the seller asks you to pay through PayPal as a buddy rather than a transaction, don’t do it. It could be a fraud which will lead you to think how to get money back from PayPal if scammed, and you’ll have no options if it is.

On PayPal’s User Agreement page, there is a range of transactions that aren’t protected by the Purchase Protection Plan. Real estate, certain vehicles (in other words, you’re not safe if you purchase a car, but you are protected if you buy a bicycle), gift cards, and donations are all examples of these.

Another thing to keep in mind: if you discover an unauthorized transaction in your PayPal account — that is, somebody took money from your account without your consent or approval — contact PayPal right away using this page (where you can report it through a form or a messaging app) or by calling (888) 221-1161.

After all of that, here’s how to refund money on PayPal and think you are entitled to a refund:

How to Get a Refund from PayPal A Solution

♦ Go to PayPal’s Resolution Center first. To open a complaint with the company, click on “Report an Issue.” You have 180 days to do this from the time you first made the purchase.

♦ You have 20 days after filing a dispute to approach the seller through PayPal to see if the issue can be settled that way.

♦ Return to the Resolution Center, find the mentioned entry for your dispute, and press “View” > “Escalate to PayPal” if you can’t solve the issue (or if you never hear back from the seller). The disagreement has now been formalized into a claim.

♦ PayPal will begin investigating the allegation and will send you updates by email as the investigation progresses.

A claim is normally settled in about 30 days, as per PayPal, but it can take more time. You should check in at the Resolution Center to see what’s going on. Aren’t you still happy with the process of how to get a refund from PayPal?

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A claim is deemed closed until PayPal has made a decision on it. If you disagree with the ruling, you have 10 days to challenge it by going to the Resolution Center, locating your case under “Closed Cases,” clicking “Appeal,” and implementing the directions.

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