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How to Download Google Photos: A User Guide

All new photographs and videos that you save to Google Photos after June 1st, 2021 will count against your free 15GB of storage. If you don’t bring a lot of pictures, this might not be a concern. Your images will not count against your total storage if you have a Pixel phone. However, if you want to take a lot of photos, you’ll have to pay for Google One storage. If you want to transfer your photos to another service or simply save them to your desktop drive or other storage device, you’ll need to first export them from Google Photos. Here’s how to download Google photos.

How to Download Google Photos A Guide

The first thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to simply import your photos from Google Photos. You must use Google’s export feature.

♦ Go to Google and type in “takeout.” (You can get to the same page from Google Photos by going to Settings, scrolling down to “Export your files,” and clicking “Backup.”)

♦ A long list of your Google apps will appear, with all of them pre-checked. Leave them checked if you want to use this opportunity to retrieve all of your Google data; otherwise, look for the “Deselect all” icon at the top of the checkboxes and press it.

how to download Google photos

Scroll down to “Google Photos” and click on it.

♦ Click the “Multiple formats” option if you’d like to know what formats your data will be exported in. In general, still photos will be exported in the same format as they were imported (PNG, JPG, WEBP), videos will be exported in MP4, and metadata will be exported in JSON text format.

♦ You also have the option of not exporting any of your albums. “All photo albums included” will most likely be the second button under “Google Photos.” If you just want to export a subset of your albums, select that option and uncheck any albums you don’t want to export.

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♦ Scroll down and select “Next move” from the drop-down menu.


♦ You can now select from a number of different options: If you wish your data emailed to you as an attachment or sent to Drive, OneNote, Dropbox, or Box; how often you want your data exported (once or every two months for a year); the type of file that will be downloaded (a ZIP or TGZ compressed file); and the size of the exported files. If your exported file is larger than 2GB, for instance, you can have it split into multiple files.

♦ Select “Create export” from the drop-down menu.

 photos to gallery

This is how to download Google Photos. Google will alert you that it could take hours or even days for your data to be accessible. Unquestionably, depending on your internet connection, downloading all of them could take much longer.

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