Quick Hairstyles for Girls: How to Do Bubble Braids?

While we all admire the look of a nice fishtail or French braid, the truth is that not everyone has the time, energy, or know-how to create a complex twist on the spur of the moment. Bubble braids are one of the easy and quick hairstyles for girls. Let me introduce you to the surefire bubble braid if you adore the look of braids but are braid-challenged. These simple plaits are made up of fluffed-out hair portions divided by hair ties. And, unlike other pigtails, you don’t need to be a pro to pull off this Insta-worthy haircut. Why? The name is a bit of a misnomer in and of itself. Bubble braids are essentially a modern and playful twist on normal ponytails. There’s nothing quite like a no-fuss, easy updo hairstyles. What’s even better is when you can wear the same haircut from the gym to work to a night out on the town. That’s why the bubble braid, a fun yet basic hairstyle for all hair types, is gaining popularity. They’re also a lot easier to achieve than a traditional braid. A high ponytail with strategically placed elastics knotted throughout allows hair to expand out and appear like a bubble. So, How to do bubble braids? You can do a bubble braid if you know how to do a ponytail.

Quick Hairstyles for Girls: How to Do Bubble Braids?

What are Bubble braids?

Fitzsimons describes a bubble braid as a whimsical spin on a classic ponytail. In reality, it isn’t even a braid at all. Instead, it’s pulling your hair up in a ponytail and evenly spacing elastic bands throughout in a bubble-like pattern. Consider it a fashionable update to this otherwise timeless aesthetic. According to him, Bubble braids on curly hair, bubble braids that look like pigtails, and even bubble braids incorporated into half-up, half-down fashions may all be found with a short Google search.

Quick Hairstyles for Girls: How to Do Bubble Braids?

Even while this style is most commonly seen on women with long hair, it may also be worn by women with short hair, however your ponytail may be shorter than you’d prefer. To rectify this, Fitzsimons advises, you can experiment with the location and amount of bubble braids on your ponytail, or consider adding hair extensions. Bubble braids are identical to regular braids, but they’re a lot faster and easier to put together. They’re made up of “bubbles” of hair that can be worn in pigtails, ponytails, and other styles. Some are simple to make, while others are more difficult, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to complete them in no time. Bubble braids are fantastic since there are so many different things you can do with them. They’re really trendy and exciting, and they’re right on trend. They’re the latest Dutch/Boxer/French braid, and depending on your mood and the occasion, you may dress them up or down.

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How to do bubble braids?

The bubble braiding procedure is straightforward and easy to follow. This will help you create any style, whether it’s a single bubble braid, little bubble braids, or bubble braid pigtails.

Gather your materials: Depending on how many bubbles you want to make, experts suggest grabbing a styling cream and hairspray, as well as various elastics.

Apply your style product to your hair: Use your styling cream to create a frizz-free canvas to work with adding that it also helps keep the style in place. If you have fine hair, use a mild cream to avoid your hair looking oily or burdened down. A medium to heavy styling cream or butter for thicker and textured hair can help maintain moisture locked in throughout the day.

Make a ponytail with your hair: It’s time to pull your hair up now that your hair has been prepared with your style product. Bring your hair up into a slicked-back ponytail at the height that works best for you and wrap it with an elastic at the spot closest to your scalp. You can also determine how many bubble braids you want to make for your style at this time. Part your hair in half down the middle and secure two ponytails, one on each side of the head, if you want to do bubble braid pigtails. Split the hair horizontally and attach the bottom piece of the hair in an elastic to divide if you want a half-up, half-down bubble braid. Then, secure the top portion of the hair into a ponytail.

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Place your elastics on top: You can make your bubble braid completely unique to you. Add another elastic hair tie a few inches down from the first one, and keep adding more at similar distances. You don’t need a ruler for this, but make sure the spacing between the elastics is as regular as possible. This will give your braid a more professional appearance. Consider using colorful elastics to give this appearance even more personality.

Make a bunch of bubbles: After you’ve inserted all of your elastics, pull at each piece to release the hairs between them and produce a ‘bubble’ effect, he advises. This method will be a breeze if you have naturally thick hair. If you have fine or thin hair, tease the strands or use a thickening spray to get bigger bubbles.

Complete the look: Fitzsimons recommends softly spritzing hairspray all over once your bubbles are finished to keep the look in place and avoid any stray hairs or flyways. You can also add your own personal touches to your look, such as bejewelled headbands or flowy hair scarves.

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To be honest, the technique for the puffy pigtail hairstyle couldn’t be simpler. Begin by separating your hair into one or two ponytails at your desired placement (low, high, or either side is up to you). Then, using clear mini hair ties, section and tie your lengths at various points down the ponytail. Once secured, gently pull at each section to create multiple ‘bubbles,’ customizing your look by making them more voluminous or teased. Set with a lightweight hairspray for extra hold, and you’ve got yourself some bubble braids.

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