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How to Control Chromecast Volume of Android 12?

Google released Android 12 a few months ago, and it’s one of the platform’s most significant updates in years. It includes numerous new features such as the Material You theme engine, privacy toggles, and scrolling screenshots. It does, however, lack one crucial feature: Chrome cast volume control. Google apparently had to remove the feature due to legal concerns, rendering your volume control useless while casting media. To overcome the issue “How to control Chromecast volume” here is another way, but it is inconvenient.

Chromecast Volume of Android 12

When you were actively streaming something, the volume toggle would default to control Chromecast volume in Android 11 and earlier. I know it wasn’t everyone’s favorite feature, but it was a lifesaver for those of us who use a lot of cast devices. In its absence, you can use your voice to control the volume on any speaker that has Assistant built-in. There is only one option when casting to something without Assistant. To control Chromecast volume from your phone, launch the Home app. Yes, the Home app is becoming a bloated mess, but it is extremely powerful. To access the control UI, simply scroll down to the cast device in question and tap. You can change the volume from your phone using the ring around the central controls. But only slightly more convenient than digging out a remote or walking over to use the buttons on a cast-enabled speaker. Android 12L is expected to include a fix for the cast volume issue. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the Home app.

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According to developers on the IssueTracker thread, Google removed the feature in August with Android 12 Beta 3. While the cast controls were initially thought to be a bug, a Googler later confirmed that they were “intentionally not shown.” The Googler went on to say that the feature would be reinstated with Android 12 Beta 5.

How to Control Chromecast Volume of Android 12?

To control Chromecast volume, the Chromecast sessions are greyed out in the audio settings on Android 12 phones. According to a recent post on the IssueTracker thread by a Googler, the feature was removed from Android 12 due to a legal issue. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the problem could be related to Google’s patent battle with Sonos. Google is currently working to resolve the issue, which is expected to be included in Android 12L. In the spring of 2022, Google is expected to release the Android 12L update for its best Android phones. Until then, Pixel users will have to control Chromecast volume by tapping on the Chromecast notification. When you tap on the notification, you can change the volume by using your phone’s volume buttons or the volume slider that appears on the screen.

It remains to be seen if the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will also receive the update, as Google recently announced that the two phones are in the process of receiving a final update. The Pixel 3 series is expected to receive the update in the first quarter of 2022. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are currently not on the list of devices eligible for the Android 12L beta program.

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