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How to Change Default Browser in Windows 11

When you open another browser that isn’t Edge for the first time — say, Google Chrome — the non-Edge browser will usually ask if you want to make it the default instead. However, in Windows 11, altering your defaults has become more difficult than it was in Windows 10. So you may not receive that helpful request, or if you do, you may be directed to a confusing-looking page titled “App > Default apps.” In any case, here’s how to change default browser in Windows 11.

If you don’t want Edge to be your default browser and your preferred browser doesn’t offer to change it for you — or if it did but instead directed you to the “Default applications” page — here’s how to change default browser in Windows 11. I’m using Google Chrome in this example, but this should work with any browser you have installed on your PC.

  • Select Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  • Scroll down to where your favourite browser is mentioned under “Set defaults for programmes” or type the name into the “Search apps” section. Select the app.

How to Change Default Browser in Windows 11

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  • You’ll see a list of browser-related files, as well as the programme with which each file is currently attached, under each file name. You can’t just change your default browser with a single click on Windows 11; you have to change the allocated browser for each file type separately.
  • Look for file types that are exclusive to Edge, such as.HTM, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, and possibly.PDF (unless you have a PDF reader you prefer). Change the ones you want by clicking on them.

  • If a “Before you switch” pop-up appears, asking you to test Microsoft Edge, click “Switch anyhow.” You’ll see a pop-up with the option to “Keep using this app” on top and a list of your other installed browsers below. Select the one that you want to utilise now.

Remember that by the time you read this, some browsers may have implemented a system that allows you to swap your default browser more easily. For example, when I first launched Firefox when this was written, it asked if I wanted it to be my default browser. When I proceeded to the “Default applications” part of setup, I discovered that Firefox had been set as the default for.HTM,.HTML,.HTTP, and.HTTPS files. For.PDF,.SHTML,.SVG,.XHT, and.XHTML files, Edge was still mentioned.

How to Change Default Browser in Windows 11

Finally, if you open Edge for any reason, you’ll see the familiar pop-up imploring you to return to “recommended browser settings.” Hope, this learning how to change default browser in Windows 11 will prove fruitful to you.

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