How to Celebrate National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day?

Bulldogs, aren’t they lovely? Yes, indeed! Bulldogs, whether French, American, or English, exude glamour in their own unique way. That is why, on April 21, we celebrate National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day. (In case you’re wondering, photo below features a lovely French bulldog.) True, most people can’t get away with excessive slobbering and wrinkles, but bulldogs make it an art form. They first appeared in historical literature as furry companions around five centuries ago. Today, this adorable sidekick is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The American Kennel Club currently ranks French bulldogs fourth. (Bulldogs, a separate breed, are ranked fifth.) Here’s why we adore them even more.

How to Celebrate National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day?

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

When is the national bulldog’s day in 2022?

Bulldogs are beautiful, and they are celebrated every year on April 21. The holiday provides an opportunity for bulldog owners to lavish their beloved pets with treats and affection.

National Bulldogs day history

Bulldogs history: Like pit bulls, bulldogs were originally bred to help butchers control livestock. However, the history of bulldogs predates that of pit bulls, dating back to the 5th century England and a breed known as the Alaunt. Bulldogs were used in the barbaric activity of bull-baiting in the 15th century, in which dogs were pitted against bulls to fight until the bull was pulled to the ground or the dog was killed by the bull. Bull-baiting was thankfully prohibited in 1835. Bulldogs had previously been bred to be aggressive, and an 80-pound dog could easily toss a bull weighing a tone down by corkscrewing its own body around its neck.

After bull-baiting was banned in the United Kingdom, it appeared that bulldogs would be rendered obsolete and the breed would become extinct. Fortunately, the breed’s exportation to Germany and the United States broadened the range of work for which bulldogs were used. They kept herding cattle and hogs, especially in areas where the terrain was too rough to build fences. In Germany, bulldogs were crossed to create the boxer breed. In England, the aggressive bulldog was downsized, though it is unclear whether this was accomplished through selective breeding of smaller dogs or cross-breeding with pugs. In terms of temperament and appearance, the modern bulldog is gentle, affectionate, and stable. They may be small, but they have great power and are extremely loyal and brave to their human companions, especially children.

Traditions of the day

On National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, people show their appreciation and celebrate these adorable creatures. Owners of bulldogs spoil them and feed them their favorite snacks. Some dog owners buy cute outfits for their dogs and share photos of them on social media. Bulldog beauty pageants are held because bulldogs are indeed beautiful. Those who did not previously appreciate bulldogs should read up on them and their history before considering getting one of their own.

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National bulldogs are beautiful day activities

  • Help out at an animal shelter. It’s heartbreaking, but not every bulldog gets to celebrate National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day in their own forever home. Help bulldogs — and all other dog breeds — by donating some of your time to your local animal shelter. Your heart will be full afterwards, and you might even get some puppy kisses to sweeten the deal.
  • Visit a pet-friendly restaurant or bar. Pack your bulldog and go out for some tasty food and beverages. Most pet-friendly restaurants provide water bowls for your pup to enjoy while they hang out with you, but if you do a little digging, you might even find a spot that has a menu just for the hounds.
  • Give your pet a treat. Stopping at the local pet bakery on a daily basis is probably not good for your furry friend’s waistline, but today is National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, which means ALL bulldogs are beautiful. Today is the ideal day to spoil the bulldogs in your life, big and small. Yes, this also implies that you should pay a visit to the human bakery and treat yourself.

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5 facts about bulldogs

  • Bulldogs were originally bred for bull-baiting, as the name suggests. This explains their monicker.
  • When bull-baiting was practiced, the wrinkles on a bulldog were important for keeping blood out of the dog’s eyes during battle.
  • The breed serves as a mascot for many prestigious institutions, including the United States Marine Corps and Yale University.
  • Bulldogs are brachycephalic, which causes them to snort and be gassy.
  • Bulldogs are couch potatoes who don’t require much exercise, making them ideal for those who don’t want to walk too much.

Why do we enjoy national bulldogs are beautiful day?

  • They make drool look cool. Recognizing the beauty in everyday life is a sure way to improve your mood. Bulldogs? They’re stunning just the way they are, with drool dripping from the corners of their mouth and a bull-legged posture to boot.
  • They can be modified. Bulldogs are ideal for both city dwellers and country dwellers. Because this breed is low-energy, they don’t require a lot of exercise. They’ll be content whether they’re sniffing around a large backyard or napping on the floor of your apartment.
  • They make excellent watchdogs. Bulldogs are friendly, but their strong, muscular appearance can be intimidating. Although bulldogs are typically laid-back and easygoing, when provoked, they are not afraid to assert their dominance.

National bulldogs are beautiful day dates

2022April 21Thursday
2023April 21Friday
2024April 21Sunday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 21Tuesday

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