How to Celebrate International Day of Peace?

Every year on September 21, the International Day of Peace (also known as World Peace Day) is observed with the goal of advancing the values of peace within and among all nations and peoples. The International Day of Peace serves as a motivating reminder of what we can accomplish as a community in an era where conflict and violence frequently dominate our news cycles. Peace. Give it a chance, shall we?

How to Celebrate International Day of Peace?

International Day of Peace

When is the World Peace Day in 2022?

The world observes September 21 as International Day of Peace.

History of World Peace Day

The third Tuesday in September was designated as International Day of Peace by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. The first day of the General Assembly’s yearly sessions fell on this day. Strengthening the values of world peace was, and still is, the day’s principal goal. In 2001, the assembly changed the date to be observed on September 21 every year, 20 years after establishing this day of observation. Thus, starting in 2002, September 21 is observed as both a day for reflection on how to advance and uphold peace among all peoples and a 24-hour period of worldwide nonviolence for armed groups engaged in active hostilities. There is hope for peace. Most societies have experienced periods of calm throughout history. Compared to our parents or grandparents, we are significantly less likely to die in a battle today. Governments are prohibited from using force against others unless they are defending themselves or have received permission from the UN Security Council since the United Nations was founded and the UN Charter was written. Life is better in a peaceful world, and today, we look to those who have worked to maintain that peace to learn what we can all do individually to contribute to world peace.

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Traditions of the day

The United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Peace to raise the bar for peace. The entire day is devoted to upholding a 24-hour cease-fire and practicing non-violence. Promoting harmony and tolerance for acceptance across gender, ethnicity, and borders is more crucial than ever. Around the world, people take part in activities and organize events that are focused on a yearly theme. Activities range from intimate gatherings to public ceremonies, festivals, and concerts that draw sizable crowds and spread the message of peace.

In order to prevent mistakes from being made again, educational institutions also take the lead in organizing art exhibitions and lessons for students to debate how various cultures celebrate peace and to educate them about past conflicts and wars. People engage in individual acts of kindness, such as planting trees or releasing trapped animals, because every tiny deed contributes to the message of peace and love.

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How to celebrate World Peace Day?

  • Observe a moment of silence everywhere. The Minute of Silence was first used in 1984 by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Pathways to Peace. This period of stillness at noon in each time zone generates a “Peace Wave” around the globe. Participants in this cooperative and useful act of promoting peace are individuals, groups, communities, and countries.
  • Organize a global peace feast. A “global” potluck can bring people together by asking your friends and neighbors to serve a distinctive dish from many nations or cultures. One of the oldest and most powerful strategies to promote harmony in your life is to share a meal together. Conversations amongst people of different faiths and cultures can enrich the evening.
  • Education can help to promote peace. Start building peace in your home with your family. Teach your kids important peace-promoting ideas including dispute resolution, peaceful communication, consensus-building, and the decision to use non-violence.

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How to promote peace?

  • Attempt to comprehend: We are more alike than different everywhere; look for areas of similarity while also appreciating the differences you discover in others you meet and in cultures that aren’t your own.
  • Encourage monetary and social stability. Because these issues are prevalent drivers of unrest and violence, eliminating poverty, food insecurity, and social injustice results in a culture of peace that is stronger.
  • Observe all human rights. The idea that all people are valuable and that no group is superior to another is at the heart of peaceful interactions; consider how you may advance this concept in your sphere of influence.
  • Supporter of equality: Promote the eradication of prejudice in the workplace, actively oppose violence against women and girls in your community, and support the growth of women in society through political and economic efforts.
  • Pick democratic values. To ensure that everyone in your community has a voice in civic decision-making and to end corruption in political leadership and operations, promote democratic engagement among all members of your society.

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Importance of World Peace Day

It bonds us together Many nations and communities face challenges related to healthcare, education, and poverty. The International Day of Peace serves as a reminder that despite our differences in origin and tongue, we are more alike than we are different. It serves as a reminder to trust in something greater than ourselves. We could become mired in the routine of work and family life. However, it can be beneficial to occasionally consider how societies as a whole need to step outside of their comfort zones. When we try to understand another person’s viewpoint or, to put it another way, “walk a mile in their shoes,” we can find peace. It illustrates how modest actions can have significant effects. Every one of us may help create a culture of peace around the world by praying, advocating, educating, and showing respect for others. Imagine the effects on the world if every one of us took one modest step toward peace even once a week!

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International Peace Day Dates

2022September 21Wednesday
2023September 21Thursday
2024September 21Saturday
2025September 21Sunday
2026September 21Monday

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