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Here’s How to Archive Email in Gmail: An Easy Way

The storage quota on Gmail is so large that you may never have to delete another email. However, you don’t want your inbox to be clogged with hundreds or thousands of emails. Such, how to archive Email in Gmail so that they don’t show up in your inbox? This is the subject of this piece.

Email Archiving in Gmail

Let’s start with an overview of what email archiving entails. In Gmail, when you archive an email, it isn’t actually destroyed. Gmail, on the other hand, just deletes the email from the current folder (label). In case you need them again, Archived emails are still accessible and readable in the All Mail section. Unless you delete them, they will remain there indefinitely.

How to Archive Email in Gmail on Android and iOS

On Android or iOS, there are two ways to archive email in Gmail. You can use either the swiping method or the typical method.

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The Typical Method

The standard procedure is extremely simple. Just open the email and, at the top of the screen, click the square symbol with the downward arrow. The email will be archived as a result of this action.

The Swiping Method

  • To begin, tap the upper left-hand corner’s three horizontal lines. This brings up a list of labels for you to choose from. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Settings.

Here’s How to Archive Email in Gmail

  • Select Email Swipe Actions.
  • The next screen allows you to customise what happens when you swipe an email. If it isn’t already one of them, choose whether you want the archive function to be a left or right swipe, and then select the appropriate option.

Here’s How to Archive Email in Gmail

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  • Swipe alternatives will now be offered to you. After that, choose Archive and exit the Settings.

Here’s How to Archive Email in Gmail

  • While you swipe in the position you choose in the Settings, an email will now be archived instantly. That’s the last step to learn how to archive Email in Gmail.

How to Archive Email in Gmail on Desktop

  • It’s also quite simple to archive an email in Gmail on the desktop. There are three possibilities.
  • The first option is to archive an email that hasn’t been opened directly from the inbox. This is as simple as choosing the email and then Archive at the top.

  • If the email is already open, the second approach is used. Then there’s no need to mark the email as read. Simply click the Archive button, like you did before.

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