Here’s the must-read viral story about how Google invented Chrome

While Google’s search engine is the company’s pillar, it hasn’t been the company’s only focus over the years. It was only a matter of time before Google released its own browser, Chrome, which rapidly became the most popular browser on the planet. Since its introduction, the service has changed significantly, and it is still the market leader. Chrome can be a pain to use, particularly when it comes to resource usage and Google’s tracking technology, but no other browser has been able to dethrone it.

Here’s the must-read viral story about how Google invented Chrome (2)

However, several people are unaware that Google Chrome would not have existed if long-time Google CEO Eric Schmidt had his way. The funny story of how Google created Chrome went viral online after a 2015 video of Schmidt telling the story emerged.

Schmidt served as Google’s CEO from 2001 to 2011. He remained as executive chairman until 2015, when he was named executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s new parent company. He joined Alphabet as a Technical Advisor in 2017 and will remain there until 2020. In 2008, Google Chrome was launched for Windows. Both of these dates are crucial to the plot of the tale that follows.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Paytm, shared a video of Schmidt speaking at Stanford University in 2015. Schmidt stated during the lecture that when he was the CEO of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin would play tricks on him.

Such a ruse was the creation of Chrome. Page and Brin would often approach him, expressing their desire to create an operating system and a browser. Schmidt would still decline, claiming that they weren’t in a position to do so because Microsoft would “kill” them.

“And I said there was no scenario we were going to do an operating system and a browser because Microsoft would kill us, and I don’t want to get killed,” Schmidt related his story, explaining that he had been “killed” at previous jobs.

Ultimately, Page and Brin hired someone to improve the performance of Firefox,” Schmidt stated. “Six months later, I am called down to one office, and this person who was hired to improve the performance of Firefox has managed to invent Chrome,” the previous Google CEO recollected. “Shocking!”

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Schmidt inquired as to how long the individual had been working on Chrome, and they replied that it was something they did on the side. Schmidt told that engineer, “No, you have done it full-time,” when he asked how many employees they had under them. The Google employee told Schmidt, “Oh, we have ten more people,” indicating that Page and Brin were aware of the project and supported it.

As they tell, the rest is history, as Chrome is now the most used internet browser on the earth. Watch this full video below:

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