Can you make the most of the e-mail clients from Google whether you use Gmail every day on a computer for work or personal use – or both at the same time as I do? Gmail has a choice to handle your messages from and to your Gmail inbox more effectively.


I am giving my top seven tips to make you a Gmail pro. Congratulations, if you do use any of them. If not, aim to include at least one or two, if not the whole set, in your routine. In the long term, you are going to thank yourself.

Mute emails annoyingly loud

Sticking to an email thread in a group can be as distracting on your laptop as a group text. You would not need to see a group of e-mail calls to you at the top of your inbox when new responses come. You have had enough distractions during workdays, particularly while working home.

You can opt out if you have an active community e-mail that is not involved in following your back-and-forth conversation. Click the three-dot button at the top of the line and press the Silence button. The conversation is transferred to your folder, where it remains until further answers are obtained.

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You can always find it in the All Mail view of Gmail, which contains your archived messages, if you are curious about what you missed later. If you like, you can then discourage the conversation and then press the x button at the top of the page next to the Mute icon. When it is unmuted, it appears at the top of your inbox the next time you receive a message.

So you do not forget the Snooze

Similarly, Gmail has a snooze button on your alarm when you are not prepared to get out of bed, because you are not able to respond to messages but do not want to lose track of those that are in your package. Click the clock button on the right to hang over a message in your inbox and pick a time and date later on — later today, tomorrow or next week or the time you chose — to make it appear back at the top.

Panel for a look closer to an Outlook

I recommend you to use your luxury screen property to use the read pane of Gmail if you have a large monitor. It looks and feels like Gmail Outlook more, which helps you to access and answer messages without leaving the window. To open the Fast Settings Screen, pick InBox Right or Below to divide the view vertically or horizontly, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Pick your tabs

Gmail does an excellent job filtering your folder, so that your emails are assigned to the social or promotional pages. the majority of your messages are assigned. To see all settings, press the gear icon. Select Inbox on the Settings page and you can pick the tabs in the top of the box in the Categories section above. Or if you only ignore all tabs other than your main inbox, you can easily uncheck all but main for a more seamless Gmail experience without button. To save, scroll down and press the button Save Changes.


Enable self-development and thank me later

At the beginning and end of the working day I spend a large chunk eliminating unnecessary emails. Before deleting, I like to open every mail so that I can take a quick look at it at least before discarding it. In case you delete an opened post, which will take more clicks and time to clean your inbox, Gmail takes you back to your inbox instead of to the next post. However, you can change this behaviour, so that after deleting the open message you can move to the previous or next message.

Select Advanced in the menu, and Auto Advance will be shown in front of you. To activate activation, press the radio dial on the right. You may opt to go through the current (newer) or past (oldest) conversation if you return to the Settings > General and scroll down to auto-advance. To save, scroll down and press the button Save Changes.

Big Google Drive Email attachments

On the bottom of the Gmail compose window there is a little Drive button. This allows to connect or simply send a link files that you have saved in Drive. You just need to submit the connexion to the file in Google Drive formats — Files, Sheet(s), and Slides and so on. You have the option to send them as an appendix to or a drive connexion to other file types— PDFs, word-documents, photos — that lets you share files larger than Gmail’s 25-MB attachment size limit.

Underground: Advanced search

Google provides powerful search tools, behind Gmail. It is no surprise. You have possibly digged an old email from the search bar above your inbox using your keyword or address, but it can do more. To open the advanced Gmail search panel you can check for data ranges and attachment sizes, by the subject line and with other philtres, click on the down-arrow button on the right of the search bar.

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