Google Chrome is crashing on some Windows 10 PCs: Here’s how to fix it

Google Chrome is deemed one of the most common internet browsers, so even minor issues could impact thousands of people. As a result, we felt it was worth mentioning a recent report from Windows Latest about a bug that is prompting some users on Windows 10 devices to crash the latest version of Chrome 90. As the website points out, the bug has only been identified on Windows 10 so far, so users of macOS and Linux should be protected for the time being.

Google Chrome is crashing on some Windows 10 PCs Here’s how to fix it

Web pages were crashing, new tabs were crashing, and attempting to open Settings or Bookmarks resulted in a crash, according to one user on the Google Chrome Help site on Thursday. Multiple users replied to the original post, claiming to be having similar problems, and a Google product expert appeared to have found the issue within hours. The expert stated:

“It appears that this is to do with the User Data directory which stores information on the current install, as such using Chrome Beta will resolve the issue. As an additional step you can try to re-run the Chrome installer to see if it will repair your install, you can download the chrome stable installer from

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If you’re having trouble with the browser and want to keep using the regular browser on your desktop, follow these steps to prevent it from crashing:

♦ At, make sure that your Sync data is safe, and that your passwords are visible at

♦ Close any Chrome tabs that are open.

♦ Navigate to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data in File Explorer.

♦ Remove the “Local State” file from the directory (make a backup first!)

♦ Restart Chrome.

♦ If that doesn’t work and Chrome is still giving you problems, try the following:

♦ Navigate to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data in File Explorer.

♦ Make a copy of everything in this directory and save it to your screen or another location.

♦ Change the name of the “User Data” folder to something else.

♦ Restart Chrome.

Since Google is aware of the problem, it will most likely be fixed soon, however if you can’t get the situation sorted on your desktop, you will have to make do with Chrome Beta or any other browser.

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