Friendship Day Tells Us that our Planet is Lonely, without Mates

Happy International Friendship Day 2020: International days provide us with an opportunity to bring people from around the world together and mobilize resources to tackle global issues. Friends Day tells us that our planet is lonely, without mates. Neighborhood friendliness goes a long way towards creating solid, safe communities.

Friendship Day Tells Us that our Planet is Lonely, without Mates
International Friendship Day 2020 images: A friend is someone who makes us smile

It is tragic when we see displaced children and older people in conflict-ridden countries. Wars and wars are pulling people down; they are forced to leave everything behind, even relatives.

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In a tweet on International Friends Day, UN Women, a global body working to empower women around the world, said, “Let’s be there for each other and pick each other up for a better future.”


Another encouraging tweet talks about “the strength of compassion, reverence and motivation.”


The UN General Assembly declared the International Day of Friendship in 2011, with the concept that nations, countries, cultures and individuals should create bridges between communities.

Five ways Friendship Day will benefit communities and nations

Fostering regional peace and community

Make sure that women and men are equal

Raising awareness of tolerance and unity

Fostering regard for human rights

Help to free information and knowledge exchange

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Friendship Day 2020: Highlights

“If you live to be 100, one day I hope I’ll be 100 less, and I never have to live without you”-Winnie the Pooh

“We’ll never have to chase two things: true friends and true love” Mandy Hale

“When the twilight lowers her curtain and pins it with a star, remember that you have a companion, even if she can wander far”

“Animals are such good companions — they don’t ask any questions, they don’t make any critiques”

“At the end of the day the bond of all companionship is contact, whether in marriage or friendship”-Oscar Wilde

Here a Happy Friendship Day to you!

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