Ford Bronco 2021 just Uncovered: Why this New Model Is Different

The Ford Bronco 2021, a legendary American off-roader, has re-emerged in a series of 3-minute stories produced to air on three leading Disney-owned TV channels and YouTube after a 24-year absence with its public debut Monday evening.

Ford Bronco 2021 just Uncovered: Why this New Model Is Different
Credit: Ford

The Fast Company magazine found this “audacious.” special technique. The theme: Celebrate adventure, explore life and find a way of unplugging.

“Our customers were looking for something rugged, they were looking for a vehicle that they could work on the ranch with — but would also take them to a trout stream or to a trailhead,” Joy Falotico, chief marketing officer at Ford Motor Co., told Autoline. “The Project name was ‘GOAT’ — for ‘goes over any terrain.'”

Ford invited a country singer and two rock climbers to speak about the Bronco lifestyle in an attempt to attract customers who love hiking, running, biking, climbing, rock crawling, kite sailing, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, camping and pretty much every outdoor activity conceivable.

Ford Bronco 2021 just Uncovered: Why this New Model Is Different

“I’m always seeking simplicity yet my life is anything but simple,” says Kip Moore, 40, as he shows up removing the doors and the top of a Bronco four-door and hanging out at night by a lake.

“But the wilderness has taught me to be present,” he said. “I love waking up with my feet in the dirt. I love hearing the sounds. It always brings you back to the center. That’s why I’m out here so much seeking to run back into that elusive joy that lies in simplicity.”

Moore’s spot was formed to air around 8:09 p.m. during the “CMA Best of Fest” show by the Country Music Association on ABC.

Around two minutes later, 19-year-old professional rock climber Brooke Raboutou appears on ESPN at a spot generated to air during “SportsCenter.”

“One thing that I feel about being in nature is that I’m always my happiest self. Being in the outdoors is just like a deep breath to recenter my focus,” she says as she drives a Bronco Sport across the mountains.

In the final episode, Oscar-winning director Jimmy Chin, famous for his rock climbing photography and world travel, developed a piece during “National Parks: Yosemite” at approximately 8:13 p.m to run on the National Geographic channel.

Ford Bronco 2021 just Uncovered: Why this New Model Is Different
Credit: Ford

“I’d always found that, you know, the harder a place is to get [to], the more I enjoy going there. Because there’s a process to it. Some of the most interesting challenges to overcome are just getting there,” he states while driving up a narrow two-track mountain trail in a two-door Bronco.

Ford has said that he intends to challenge Jeep, particularly on the off-road market.

“The (Jeep) Wrangler will always have its loyal following,” said Martin French, U.S. managing director of Berylls Strategy Advisors, an automotive consultancy in Royal Oak. “But the icon is back with vengeance. Ford means business. This is the shot in the arm that consumers and dealers want and need.”

Designed between 1966 and 1996, the Bronco established a cult following, and now commands high collector prices. Ford said the SUV family’s reversion comes as a reaction to pleas for an update.

There is no doubt the Bronco reintroduction strategy is groundbreaking.

As part of a 30-day break, Ford has gone dark on Facebook ad-buying along with other multinational corporations urging the social media giant to take responsibility for damaging posts. Also, this Disney collaboration, involving social network sites within the company, is expected to push $100 orders, Ford said.

In dealerships later this year, customers can see the small Bronco Sport SUV. In the spring of 2021, the two-door and four-door Bronco will be announced.

Everything is engineered based on real-life study, Ford said.

Bronco just Uncovered: Why this New Model Is Different
Credit: Ford

“We started this project several years ago,” said Winston Landin, Ford global director of consumer insights. “The foundational principle in the beginning was really the fact that the Bronco had already been a brand and there’s a strong heritage around the Bonco. That’s important because the vehicle would need to deliver what’s true for the Bronco — capability, durability and of course the design. There’s a lot of emotional connection that people had with this specific brand.”

Ford models worked thousands of hours at the field from there.

“We have done a lot of observation,” Landin said. “For example, we spent time with customers during a whole weekend. We would start on a Friday and go snowboarding, go on off-road adventures, hiking and bike trails and camping.”

The aim is to recognise and remove so-called “pain points”

Ford observers quickly found that the mirrors on removable doors had to be moved so drivers would not go without mirrors or be forced to purchase aftermarket pieces. So we redesigned the feature.

Challenges also emerged from the question of sliding doors. People expressed concern about leaving doors on trips and feeling helpless at home, so Ford worked out a way to place the vehicle’s doors.

Ford Bronco 2021: Bianca in Mind

Paul Wraith, design director at Bronco, said the firm had a target client.

“It was not just some made up person but a real human called Bianca based down in L.A.,” he said. “She was a nanny. Like most nannies, she’s living in an employer’s home. By day, she’s driving around with her employer’s kids. So her vehicle needs to be sensible, as we’d all hope. By evening, she’s like all nannies on the planet — she’s off.”

Ford Bronco 2021: So the question, Wraith noted, is how to quickly get doors and equipment on and off a Bronco for someone just 5 feet tall.

“And where are those doors going to go? She doesn’t own a house. She doesn’t have a garage,” he said. “She’s the hired help.”

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