The analysis of Car Color Preferences by Gender Research reveals that two newcomers have strengthened women’s stronger affinity as favorite car colors for neutral colors, whereas men’s enthusiasm in yellow and orange has risen dramatically.

Women’s current favorite car color is teal, as per the automotive data and research company’s report. This constitutes the first appearance of Teal in the women’s rankings since the 2013 analysis of initial car color preferences. Women now have a 19.0 percent greater preference for teal cars than men led by gold (14.5 percent) and silver (9.7 percent). Green also debuted on the list of women, ranking fifth at 4.3 percent.

Favorite Car Colors for Women vs Men

Yellow, which they favor more than women do by 33.9 percent, is the current favorite car color for men led by orange (32.6 percent) and black (14.2 percent). This is a reversal of the results of last year, whereby orange came first and yellow came second.

Phong Ly stated, “Men and women don’t just like different colors; our research shows men’s preferences are much stronger than women’s, and the top color choices for both of them have actually grown to the highest percentages we’ve seen in four years.”

To classify car color preferences by gender, the company analyzed more than 700,000 customer car inquiries and close to 30 million car sales.

Though prior data revealed that men had a greater preference for lighter car colors than women, men’s preference for yellow cars raised by 63.8 percent and their choice for orange cars improved by 41.7 percent from last year.

Car Color Trends: Car Colors Men Prefer More Than Women

Car Color Preferences

Car Color Trends: Car Colors Women Prefer More Than Men

favorite car colors

Red is the sole color where male preference decreased, in comparison to declines in all four of the female colors that had formerly ranked. With women, Beige appears to have fallen out of favor, slipping from second place in 2015 to last place in 2016.

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The equilibrium of how many favorite car colors each gender desires is another significant result. Men demonstrated a stronger tendency for seven colors this year than women, and females exhibited a stronger preference for six. This changed as men’s preferences exceeded women’s preferences by 9 to 4 in 2015.

Color Likings and Car Types

Color Likings and Car Types

As per analysis, males have a higher desire for pickup trucks by a whopping 200.3 percent, convertibles by 33.5 percent and coupes by 31.6 percent, whereas females have a greater preference for SUVs by 23.1 percent and minivans by 21.5 percent.

The Color of Your Car Reflects Your Personality: Car Color Trends

“There’s an interesting connection between gender preferences for vehicle colors and body styles. Men favor pickups and sports cars more than women do, and those segments have an unusually high percentage of brown and yellow/orange cars, respectively” stated Phong Ly. “The same is true for some of women’s favorite body styles – SUVs and minivans, which have more teal and gold cars than average.”

Yellow is a remarkable instance of the link between the choices of men for car types and color of car. Although about 13.9 percent of all yellow cars in 2016 are convertibles, just 1.9 percent of all cars are convertibles. This reflects men’s curiosity, predictably, in sporty and flashy automobiles. The rise in male preference for yellow can be linked to the rise in market share of yellow convertibles – in 2015 convertibles just made up 11.8 percent of yellow cars.

Teal represents a preference in more practical everyday cars, such as minivans, for females. Just 3.7 percent of all vehicles are family-friendly, but 7.8 percent of all teal cars are accounted for.

Men’s Best Car Colors Cost More

Men’s Best Car Colors Cost More

The distinction between men’s preferences for sporty, strong cars and women’s preference for realistic cars is also expressed in prices. Compared to $14,938 for the women favorite car colors, the average used car price for the colors men prefer is $18,196.

The average used price of yellow cars is $20,601 and the average for teal cars is just $11,053 when looking at the top-ranked popular car color of each class.

“If you compare prices for pre-owned cars, the average price for men’s favorite colors is 22 percent more expensive than women’s favorite colors. That number jumps to 86 percent when you look at the first-ranked colors yellow and teal,” said Phong Ly.

Understanding the consumer preferences for car colors can be helpful for automakers. “Changes in color preferences could guide automakers to better market their vehicles to men and women,” Phong Ly said.

It is hoped that you have now got a healthy notion of the best car color for long term according to your gender and you would, undoubtedly, understand what color of your car should be. The statistics illustrated above would prove fruitful for both male and female to decide on the part of car colors to avoid and the safest car color. Now, all you should do is to ponder over the best car color with respect to your gender not searching or following the most popular car colors in general.

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