Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Both of us know that it can be like finding a needle in a haystack to locate a perfect Fathers Day gift. If your dad likes gadgets or fashion, you can pick from a myriad of gifts. Here are the best Father’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on his face, from a pair of fashionable shoes to the latest technology.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Smart Glide Massage Chair InTouch

Let your dad unwind in style with the InTouch Smart Glide after a long day at work. At the touch of a button, this massage chair provides pure relaxation and offers muscle-soothing solutions such as Shiatsu, Swedish and other kneading patterns.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

The InTouch offers a full-body experience and zero-gravity positioning, unlike standard seats, so your dad can feel weightless. With this soothing furniture, he’ll never want to leave his home!

Evo Hair Care

With the aid of Evo, secure your dad’s luscious locks. He would have hair envious of supermodels with The Therapist’s shampoo, conditioner and a paddle brush. This haircare moisturizes from the tips to the roots, adds softness, nourishes and tames frizz. This brand is also organic, paraben-free and cruelty-free, so you’ll feel good, too!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Blys Massage

Give this Fathers Day the gift of pure bliss through a mobile massage. As the best on-demand massage provider in Australia, Blys takes the hassle out of having a massage. If he is at work or at home, licensed and trustworthy practitioners from Blys will go straight to her doorstep-ready massage table, towels and oils!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Echo dot (3rd Gen)

Give your father the greatest gift ever—Alexa. Look no further than the Echo Dot, if your father is tech-savvy and ready to take his house to the future. Ask the smart speaker to play music, check the weather, read the news and set reminders. With this genius home gadget, everything is possible. This is such a fantastic gift that you might end up getting one for yourself.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

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Trent Nathan Set of Manicure

This manicure collection is sure to keep him satisfied, if your dad is well-groomed or he could use some pointers. Well-equipped with a nail pad, comb and other necessities, it is lightweight enough to go to the bathroom on holidays. The stylish PU case is perfect for the modern man and encapsulates true style.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3025

Like a pair of Ray-Bans, nothing says ‘cool.’ These aviators immediately exude elegance and look amazing on everyone, no matter what your taste. These are timeless sunglasses with a gold frame and gunmetal lenses that will elevate an ensemble. Without those badass sunnies, no Father’s Day is full.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch

Take your dad’s fitness ride to the next stage with this elegant Ionic Fitbit. Built for the person who is constantly on the move, with his texts and phone calls, he can track his steps, heart rate and keep up to date. This smartwatch will become your dad’s new favorite accessory with a four-day battery life and the ability to store 300 tracks.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For A Cool Dad

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