Legions of viewers around the world are saddened to learn that Netflix will not broadcast The 70s Show anymore.


As of Monday, September 7, The ’70s Show will leave Netflix for good, much to the dismay of longtime fans of the sitcom.

The explanation for the show’s departure lies largely in licensing agreements, and the streamer has not extended their contract to keep episodes airing.

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September to December of this year, according to The Observer, was the timeline That ’70s Show could leave if Netflix did not renew its licensing contract.

The publication notes that the entertainment giant is repositioning its strategy to concentrate more on original programming, which mostly focuses on in-house projects.

All eight seasons in the United States, and all other regions like the United Kingdom, Australia , and Canada, will no longer be available on Netflix.

News of the show ‘s departure is spreading with fans taking to Twitter sharing their dissatisfaction that they would have to do without Eric Foreman (Topher Grace), Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Laura Prepon (Pinciotti).

One fan tweeted: “BRO are taking The 70s Show off @netflix next week?!?! Heresy!! It’s better than The Office and Mates! Fight me. It’s my display of comfort.”

Although another added: “2020 Hits AGAIN. Next week they take The 70s Show off Netflix. I’m not happy.”

One tweeted: “Why does this really hurt?”

Another tweet reads: “OH NO THEY TOOK # that70sshow OFF NETFLIX!!! I did not finish it!!!!”

However, as president of Carsey-Werner TV Distribution, Jim Kraus told Deadline in 2019, one glimmer of hope remains: “Since Netflix is the holder of the That ’70s Show, we’ll give them plenty of opportunity to renew it.

“I think they want to keep the show but at least 3-4 other places are involved. If we can’t reach an agreement with Netflix with all the concern that has been expressed, we’ll move on.


Episodes of That ’70s Show are available on Amazon Prime for $1.99 per episode for anyone who’s very desperate.

Other favourite shows planned for leaving Netflix include October Parks and Recreation, and January 2021 The Workplace.

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