Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

The world is full of interesting, fun, and fascinating facts, with over 200 countries and over 7.8 billion people (plus plants, animals, and other organisms). For example, the land of the Kiwis has the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet. In Nicaragua, you’ll find one of only two flags in the world with the color purple. Do you want to learn more about the facts about the world and its ever-increasing population? Continue reading to learn some fascinating facts about the world’s past, present, and future.

Glaciers and ice sheets hold approximately 69% of the World’s freshwater

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

According to Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources from the United States Geological Survey, the oceans hold slightly more than 96 percent of the total amount of water on the planet (USGS). However, that is mostly saltwater. You must travel to the poles to find the majority of the World’s freshwater, as 68.7 percent of it is encased in ice caps, permanent snow, and glaciers.

Hawaii is the best place in the world to see rainbows

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

One of the most interesting facts about the world is the rainbow country, Hawaii. If you’re a big fan of rainbows and want to see plenty of them, look no further than the state of Hawaii. According to the American Meteorological Society, the area’s “mountains produce sharp gradients in clouds and rainfall, which are key to abundant rainbow sightings.” Air pollution, pollen, and a large amount of crashing waves all contribute to Hawaii’s position at the top of the list of the best places in the world in terms of rainbow quantity and quality.

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Height of Mount Everest has increased since the last time it was measured

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Mount Everest may not have physically grown, having reached maturity a long time ago, but the most recent measurement by surveyors from China and Nepal shows the mountain peak standing taller than we previously thought. According to NPR, previous readings ranged from 29,002 feet above sea level in 1856 to 20,029 feet in 1955. Due to plate tectonics, experts have determined that Mount Everest stands at a whopping 29,031.69 feet after a lengthy process of measuring the mountain with GPS devices.

Driving to space would only take an hour

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Have you ever wondered that how long does it take to get to space. According to astronomer Fred Hoyle, it would take only one hour to reach outer space if you got into your car, turned on the ignition, and drove up to the sky at 60 mph. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but it’s a lot of fun to think about!

Climate change causes the Flowers to change color

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Don’t worry, your prized red roses won’t turn turquoise overnight, but an increase in UV radiation caused by the depletion of ozone layer over the past decades has caused flowers all over the world to change. According to a 2020 study led by Clemson University scientists, UV pigmentation in flowers has increased over time, resulting in pollen degradation. Although we cannot see the color change with our eyes, it is a major issue for pollinators such as bees, who are drawn to the bright colors produced by flowers.

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The most common bird in the world is the red-billed quelea

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

There might not be any red-billed queleas in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty. These Sub-Saharan African birds are considered agricultural pests because their massive flocks can annihilate entire crops. According to Audobon, there are approximately 1 to 10 billion queleas, which leads scientists to believe that they outnumber any other bird, thus being the most common bird in the world.

All of the ants on Earth weigh roughly the same as all of the humans

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

One of the most interesting facts about the world is that the total number of people on Earth hasn’t even reached 8 billion. At any given time, there are 10 quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) individual ants crawling around. According to wildlife presenter Chris Packham, if all of those ants were combined, they would weigh roughly the same as all of us humans.

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Almost 200,000 different viruses can be found in the oceans

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

The next time you want to take a dip in the big blue ocean, keep in mind that the seemingly pristine water is home to nearly 200,000 different types of viruses. While this may appear to be frightening, Matthew Sullivan, a microbiologist at Ohio State University, Having that road map helps us do a lot of the things we’d be interested in to better understand the ocean and, I hate to say it, maybe to have to engineer the ocean at some point to combat climate change.

Weight of a cloud can be millions of pounds

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Clouds are not as light and fluffy as they appear. In fact, researchers discovered that a weight of a cloud can be approximately 1.1 million pounds. How do they know this? That number is calculated by multiplying the water density of a cloud by its volume. Fortunately, even at that weight, the cloud can “float” because the air below it is even heavier.

Entire population of the world can be fixed easily in Los Angeles

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

One of the most interesting facts about the world is that whole global population, exceeding 7.5 billion people, can get fit in Los Angles. And, obviously, that figure appears to be enormous. According to National Geographic, if every single one of those people stood shoulder to shoulder, they could all fit within the 500 square miles of Los Angeles.

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A moon bow is a rainbow that appears during night

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

If a storm passes and the sun comes out, you might be able to see a rainbow. But did you know you can see something just as spectacular at night? While moonbows are extremely rare, they are caused by the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light and are most common in areas with waterfalls and mist. There must also be a near-full moon for there to be enough light to see it.

Pink and purple lakes in Australia

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

One of the most interesting facts about the world is pink and purple lake in Australia. Lake Hillier is located on the outskirts of Middle Island, which is located off the coast of Western Australia. It gets its vibrant pink color from the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina. It causes the lake’s salt content to produce a red dye, which contributes to the lake’s bubble gum color. Despite its high salinity, Lake Hillier is safe to swim in.

Hillier has a purple-ish lake sibling as well. Hutt Lagoon, located in Port Gregory on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, also has a high concentration of Dunaliella salina. Hutt Lagoon can vary in color depending on the season and the amount of cloud cover, ranging from red to pink to lilac.

The hottest chili pepper in the world is so potent that it can kill you

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

The “weapons-grade” Dragon’s Breath chili pepper is extremely hot and deadly. If you ate one, you could experience anaphylactic shock, which would cause your airways to close and burn. So why create such an inconvenient pepper? As it turns out, the chili was originally developed for use as an anesthetic that can numb the skin in medical treatment.

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Dolphins sleep with one of their eyes open

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

You might have ever thought that how dolphins sleep as they have no eyelid, so here is the answer. Dolphins are thought to be among the smartest animals on the planet, possibly due to their ability to conserve brain power. Because they must constantly be on the lookout for predators, marine mammals have developed a clever trick that allows them to maintain partial consciousness even while a portion of their brain sleeps. Researchers investigated whether this “half sleep” affects the animals’ alertness during the day, but discovered that even after five days of having their nocturnal alertness constantly tested, the animals remained as alert and perceptive as before.

Pigs do not sweat

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Have you ever wondered about one of the most interesting facts about the world that how do pigs sweat. The answer is here. If someone tells you they’re “sweating like a pig,” you might want to point out that if they’re being biologically accurate, that means they’re not sweating at all. Swine are born without sweat glands, so when they need to cool off, their only option is to roll around in a cool puddle of mud.

New creatures in deep sea volcanoes have been found

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

Finding previously unknown creatures in deep sea volcanoes may sound like something out of a science fiction horror film, but a 2020 study of a deep-sea volcano near New Zealand, uncovered that over 90 putative bacterial and archaeal genomic families and nearly 300 previously unknown genera. Hydrothermal vents, like deep-sea volcanoes, have been linked to the “origin of life” in some studies.

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The longest place name in the world is 85 letters long

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

People in Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya Hill, Australia, must be patient when learning to spell their hometown’s name. But guess what? People in Lake Chargoggagoggman- chauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, Massachusetts, and Tweebuffelsmeteen-skootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, South Africa, feel the same way. When it comes to write down their addresses, none of them have as much work to do as those who live in Taumatawhakatangihanga-koauauotamateaturipukakapikimaung-ahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand. This is the longest place name in the world, with 85 letters.

The Earth’s ozone layer needs 50 years to recover completely

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

The ozone layer of earth has suffered greatly as a result of pollution. That’s bad news for everyone, because our planet’s fragile gas layer protects us and shields us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. According to a 2018 United Nations report, climate change experts believe the ozone layer will fully heal within 50 years. The recovery is owed in large part to the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which prohibited the use of one of the main culprits of the damage, chlorofluorocarbons, on a global scale (CFOs). CFOs were previously found in refrigerators, aerosol cans, and dry-cleaning chemicals.

Muhammad is the most popular name in the world

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

One of the most interesting facts about the world is that the most popular name is Muhammad. Step aside, John, James, Mary, and Jane—the most popular name in the world is believed to be Muhammad. According to The Independent, this name is shared by an estimated 150 million men and boys worldwide. The popularity stems from a Muslim custom of naming all first-born sons after the Islamic prophet.

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Greenland has fossilized plants under 1.4 km of ice

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

The Greenland Ice Sheet, which is described as the largest and possibly the only relic of the Pleistocene glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere, covers approximately 80% of Greenland. But has it always been this cold? Researchers discovered “well-preserved fossil plants and biomolecules” at the bottom of a 1.4 km core sample taken in 1966 at Camp Century during the Cold War, implying that the massive sheet melted and reformed at least once in the last million years.

There is a company that recycles dead bodies into ocean reefs

Shocking Facts about the World You can’t Believe

For those who fantasize about being buried at sea, Eternal Reefs has devised a novel solution. It combines a person’s cremated remains with concrete to form a “pearl” onto which loved ones can etch personal messages, handprints, or (eco-friendly) mementos. The pearl is then encased in a “reef ball” and dropped into the sea, where it provides a new habitat for fish and other sea life, promoting a healthy ecosystem.

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