Facts about Bermuda Triangle: Mystery Solved

Our whole world is a museum or I should say it is a world of mysteries where strange and supernatural objects and places are present; seeing that all human beings gape in utter shock. Of these mysteries and wonders, a wonder about which numerous people are aware of but they lack the holistic knowledge is what that will be the center of this piece of construct.

Bermuda Triangle location

Well, I am going to shed light on the Bermuda Triangle – what are the facts about Bermuda Triangle? Is there really any supernatural creature behind the happenings occurred at this place? Were these happenings really mysterious in nature? Are the stories interlinked with this place fact-based or just Bermuda Triangle myths?

History of Bermuda Triangle

A notion keeps blinking in many people’s minds is ‘what is the Bermuda Triangle’? As for as the historical facts about Bermuda Triangle are concerned, in 1503, Juan de Bermúdez, a Spanish navigator, discovered Bermuda Triangle. Nowadays, Bermuda is an island where a considerable number of people reside and is under the control of Britain. The total population of Bermuda Island is comprised of 65,000 individuals.

Bermuda Triangle Map

On the part of the question ‘where is Bermuda Triangle located’, this place, within the boundaries of Atlantic Ocean, starting from Bermuda to Florida and Florida to Puerto Rico makes a triangle also called Devil Triangle. The exact area of this place is not officially unveiled but it is stated that this area covers 500,000 square miles.

Reason of Prominence

As we unfold Bermuda Triangle information, we get aware of the fact that the stunning and strange occurrences are the reason of the prominence of Bermuda Triangle; science denies Bermuda Triangle theories and these happenings but the way they were presented to the entire world made those theories conundrum.

Bermuda Triangle Prominence

The shocking incidents of disappearance of airplanes and ships has been the center of discussion for decades. The stories pertaining to the incidents of the disappearance of ships started spreading in the mid of nineteenth century. Bermuda Triangle, section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America in which more than 50 ships and 20 airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared and anyone could not find any clue or any parts of those lost ships.

Bermuda Triangle Incidents

Foremost, in 1800, USS Pinckney – a United Stated navy plane – vanished passing through Bermuda Triangle. The navy plane and those who were into that plane missed in a way as if they weren’t even existed in the world before; they couldn’t be found even after a number of attempts to get a clue of their presence.

Afterwards, the USS Wasp disappeared in Bermuda Triangle and could not be located later on. “The USS Wasp, October 9, 1814, sailing in the Caribbean with a crew of 140.” (Berlitz, Bermuda Triangle, p. 64.)

Bermuda Triangle Incidents

Like the erstwhile navy plane, the USS Wild Cat sailing through the Bermuda Triangle also vanished. “The USS Wild Cat, October 28, 1824, en route from Cuba to Thompson’s Island with a crew of fourteen.” (Berlitz, Bermuda Triangle, p. 64.)

Notwithstanding all these occurrences, Bermuda Tringle got drastic fame in December 1945 when the U.S. Flight 19 comprising five fighter jets moved towards Atlantic Ocean on their routine mission and disappeared forever.

Bermuda Triangle Flight 19

Nobody couldn’t have the foggiest notion about the debris and the fourteen personnel.

Flight 19
Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Subsequently, when the report of fading of one of the planes inbounded to find the flight mission publicized, the Bermuda Triangle emerged as a mysterious wonder. Bermuda Triangle mystery became a serious topic for numerous articles and discussions.

Books & Movies on Bermuda Triangle

After getting a historical and incidental view of Bermuda Triangle let’s move ahead towards the movies and books on Bermuda Triangle. “The Bermuda Triangle”, a book written by Charles Berlitz and published in 1974 worked wonders in the world. This book has been translated in 30 languages and ten million copies have been sold out.

bermuda triangle book by charles berlitz

But there was a flaw in this book, that was, despite of presenting Bermuda Triangle theory in the light of science, illogical and supernatural notions were presented in it. In 1978, a film was also released on this book with same title. This film paved the way for other world-renowned films on the same title encompassing “Bermuda Tentacles” and “Beyond the Bermuda Triangle”.

People’s Views on Bermuda Triangle

Different religions presented distinct theories about Bermuda Triangle; some stated that the Lord has ceased human beings to get nearer to that place and some portrayed it as thoroughfare for angels.

Bermuda Triangle myth

A few years back, a Bermuda Triangle theory was presented whereby it was stated that a crystal-clear pyramid, 2000 meter below the surface of water, was there in the Bermuda Ocean. According to this theory, in 2012, scientists discovered this object which is presumably three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza and it was kept a secret till any further research conducted on it.

crystal-clear pyramid

Consequently, Bermuda Triangle became such a place in the view of millions of people where everything went closer to it vanished away forever and science also seems failing in resolving this mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

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What is the Reality?

If we ponder over the struggles of multiple scientists to unveil the facts about Bermuda Triangle, we realize that they have worked much to erase Bermuda Triangle myths from history; and have presented their valuable views on the disappearance of airplanes and ships as well.

Facts about Bermuda Triangle

In 2016, some scientist of Colorado State University unfolded that the six-edge clouds over that area presumably caused the disappearance of the planes and ships.

“The shape of the clouds appeared to have straight edges which is not normal. You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds, most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.” (Dr. Steve Miller, satellite meteorologist at Colorado State University).

bermuda triangle clouds

They stated that these clouds produce winds that moving with the speed of 65 mph destroyed the planes and ships. Scientists, studying the Bermuda Triangle facts and using NASA’s satellite, gathered the data of this area. They discovered such clouds that spread over the 32 and 88 sq. km. The researchers were of the view that the clouds of this sort are extremely unnatural and it was very rare to notice such edges of clouds normally.

bermuda triangle cloud

Researchers at the Arctic University of Norway presented their views pertaining to the Bermuda Triangle that the presence of methane and natural gas can be the cause behind this conundrum. They were of the view that since this gas mixing in the air can cause tornado, twister or any other destructive activity, the sudden release of this gas can prove disastrous for the planes and ships.

In 2017, Karl Kruszelnicki – an Australian scientist – claimed that behind the disappearance of planes and ships in this particular zone is not the energy beams from the lost city of Atlantis or any alien abduction; but it was bad weather conditions that resulted in such destructions; he stated that if we analyzed deeply, we came up with the fact that planes and ships, in average, used to disappear with the same number and way of happening in every other ocean of the world as well.

“It is close to the Equator, near a wealthy part of the world – America – therefore you have a lot of traffic. When you then compare the number of disappearances to the large quantity of ships and planes passing through the Bermuda Triangle, you find there is nothing out of the ordinary about the area at all.” (Kruszelnicki)

In 2018, the scientists of a Britain Southampton University presented their views regarding the Bermuda Triangle conundrum that the secret of this triangle is hidden in the monster 100ft ‘rogue waves’. The researcher team believed that the explanation of Bermuda Triangle theories is possible by these monster waves. This wasn’t just a belief of the researcher team but this notion was proved by making experiments in the laboratories as well.

“The infamous area in the Atlantic can see three massive storms coming together from different directions”, said Dr. Simon Boxall.

Bermuda Triangle mystery

In anyway, science has resolved the Bermuda Triangle mystery to much extent and uncovered many facts about Bermuda Triangle for the world. If we get a closer look at the scientists’ theories, we realize that there are underwater stocks of methane gas and Phosphorus in the region. These gases are released out of these stocks; owing to that the bubbles of massive size keep forming and blasting; in this way, the density of water increases; because of this activity all the stuff near the ocean falls a prey to destruction; that is why, the plane official couldn’t get a chance to inform anyone about what had gone wrong. The second reason is the storms that struck frequently in this region.

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Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest oceans of the world. The number of ships sunk in this area is closer to the number of ships sunk or vanished in other seas or oceans across the world. In 2013, a research conducted by Worldwide Fund for Nature (WFF) did not encompass the Bermuda Triangle in the list of world’s most dangerous oceans for ship wrecks endangering underwater life.

Facts about Bermuda Triangle a

Due to the advanced scientific equipments and improved satellite navigation, the incidents of disappearance or sinking of ships and planes now scarcely occur. In this way, science has eventually removed the myths and proved that the Bermuda Triangle is just like the other oceans of the world; the contrasting thing is that because of the underwater gases and the clouds formed owing to these gases some unnatural and atypical accidents occur and people associate those incidents with some supernatural creature, which is not a reality.

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