Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

Trends are coming and going, but one thing is for certain: there are thick eyebrows and they’re here to stay, and for a good reason. A well-groomed brow helps shape the face and provides a natural look. Not all, however, are blessed with dense, luscious foreheads. Some of us have thin or sparse eyebrows and are still searching for ways to thicken them. It might seem tricky, but thanks to our expert guide, it’s much simpler than you would expect. Read on to know about Eyebrows Shapes and to find out how to get thick eyebrows and naturally fill them in.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

Eyebrows Shapes

While no two brows are the same, most brows can be grouped into one of five groups. They can be S-shaped, hard-angled, soft-angled, rounded or straight. The most attractive form for you, as a general rule, would be the one that fits best for your facial features.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

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Eyebrows Shapes: Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows

Just like all of us have various shapes and sizes, so do our eyebrows! Not all eyebrow shapes are going to suit your face, however. Your whole look can be ruined by a poorly formed eyebrow that is too thick or thin or just over the top. It can be both a blessing as well as a curse if your eyebrows are naturally thick.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

Although shaping your brows and keeping them looking neat could take a little effort, you will naturally have a full appearance. Thin eyebrows, on the other hand, bear a much softer and more feminine look. Often, however, they can look unnatural and be harder to groom. It’s important not to deviate too much from your natural brows, no matter which style you pick. The best brow form is the one that goes with your face, after all.

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Which Eyebrow Shape is Suitable for me?

The majority of face shapes fall into one of five classifications. They can be either round, square, oval, or long, and your brows are best groomed to match your particular shape. Your eyebrows add depth to the face, after all. We suggest a thicker brow with a slight arch if you have a round or oval face to make your face look longer. On the other hand, you might want to try a less angled brow if you have a square-shaped face. Adding any roundness to their form will soften the face’s protruding angles. You may want to try a flattened brow shape if your face is elongated, as the horizontal trace will soften your face. A thicker brow would appear more normal than a form that is thinner.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

Thick Eyebrows are attractive

It’s fair to say that bold, thick eyebrows are attractive. Celebrities such as Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins have shown that this movement has many upsides. Bold & well-groomed eyebrows work to frame your face and to really highlight your characteristics. Plus, with some plucking, you have so much to work with and can get them into your desired style quickly.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

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Trending Thick Bushy Eyebrows

Pencil forget-thin eyebrows. Now, the whole thing is about super thick eyebrows. Our audacious brow fixation began with Cara Delevingne and started from there. On just about every profile, high and bold brows look great and offer an exotic and mysterious appearance. And while many have tried to predict when this trend will go out of style, it is apparent that in the near future, thick brows won’t go anywhere.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

How to choose the right color for eyebrows?

It can be tricky to pick the best forehead pencil. This is not only about matching your hair, but also the color of your eyes and the tone of your skin. Depending on how much brown hair you have, your perfect shade can vary. We suggest trying to fit the color as closely as possible if you have a lot. On the other side, we think it’s best for dark-haired women to go one or two shades lighter than their hair color if they have sparse brows. We suggest that you go two shades darker than the color of the hair on your head, as far as light-haired ladies are concerned.

Eyebrows Shapes: How To Get Thick Eyebrows Naturally?

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