Intermedia Group launches B2B Virtual Events Service

Intermedia Group launches B2B Virtual Events Service

The service Intermedia Virtual Events will offer end-to-end solutions for providing virtual events and digital communications across existing distribution channels within the organization.

Through providing live and captured content directly to the viewer, brands would be able to raise engagement, brand recognition, and lead generation through live streaming and or long-term hosting to ensure that they reach the largest potential viewer.

The company will provide a variety of solutions for different forms of events and communication, from the studio environment to digitally captured events, and effective nuancing for the proper delivery of advertising, branding and content.

“The service is limited to your imagination only,” the organization said on the Virtual Events launch.

Simon Grover – the Intermedia Group CEO – stated “As a B2B media company, we’re in the business of connecting brands with their customers – so we’re very excited to be launching Virtual Events, which provides our clients with dynamic new marketing opportunities and makes events accessible to everyone, irrespective of geography or social distancing rules. “

“A natural extension to our existing media solutions, Virtual Events enables companies to continue to engage and interact with our audiences, sharing expertise, showcasing brand credentials and building relationships with customers, even in these unprecedented times.”

The launch of the service additions the publishing, event management and development sector of Intermedia, providing numerous brand opportunities in the digital event room for its markets.

In addition to organizing various face-to-face activities including competitions, lectures, conferences, and exhibits, the Intermedia Group publishes more than 30 magazines and 35 multimedia mastheads.

The company said that the increase and significance of virtual events and digital communications has undeniably been important, even more so with recent worldwide pandemic developments.

The virtual event service is the second latest project that has been initiated by The Intermedia Group after the coronavirus pandemic. In April it launched a digital marketplace for its B2B liquor brand, The Shout, to help connect liquor brands and retailers navigating distance restriction laws.

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