DeSean Jackson: The Eagles have released a statement regarding DeSean Jackson’s social media activity this past weekend.

Jackson also wrote a message to IGTV to apologize for his tweets. He also deleted articles on his page that supported Louis Farrakhan.

“I just want to leave first, to extend an apology on my behalf,” says Jackson. “I never want to bring any group down or any people down. So my post was certainly not meant for anybody of any group to feel any sort of way, particularly the Jewish community. When I posted what I posted, I really didn’t mean it to the point that you guys took it. … I really, probably shouldn’t post anything that Hitler did.

Jackson says when he submitted the message, he was attempting to “uplift” and “enlighten” African-American people.

The NFL has released a statement on Jackson.

“The remarks made by DeSean were extremely inappropriate, insulting and divisive and contrasted sharply with the ideals of fairness, equality and inclusion of the NFL. We were in touch with the team that is dealing with the problem with DeSean.

Any discipline on Jackson will come from the Eagles, not the NFL, according to NFL Media.

Initial Narrative:

Over the weekend of July 4, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson posted on Instagram an anti-semitic quote attributed to Adolf Hitler and supported the divisive Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

The quote shared by Hitler in the picture given by Jackson was credited to the Nazi party leader but research shows the quote is not accurate. According to the Philly Voice, the screenshot appears to come from Dennine Barnett ‘s book “Jerusalem,” but the very root of the quote itself is quite a mystery. An article in Snopes has a different version of the quote, and states that it is a “hoax quote.”

Still, Jackson shared the post on Instagram with his 1.4 million followers.

(DeSean Jackson / Instagram)

Jackson posted additional screenshots in a minor apologetic style on Monday.

“Whoever thinks I hate the Jewish culture has taken my post the wrong way,” Jackson said. “I have no hate for anybody in my head!”

Still, Jackson did not apologize for posting a fabricated quote that Hitler had referred to. He actually blacked out other portions of the sentence, instead. Yet the segment he left still talks antisemitic.

(DeSean Jackson / Instagram)

Jackson has also spent some time supporting Farrakhan over the last few days. During the past, Farrakhan exchanged anti-semitic statements, such as in 1984 when he said, “Hitler was a very smart man.” The Anti-Defamation League has a 32-page document showing Farrakhan ‘s words used against Jews.

In his speech on July 4 Jackson urged his followers to listen to Farrakhan. Farrakhan has warned people not to take a coronavirus vaccine during that speech. He also made an unsubstantiated argument during that speech that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci collaborated on a vaccine to “depopulate the Planet.”

“Now they are making profits, planning to send a vaccine to seven billion, five hundred million people,” Farrakhan said. “Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda — you want to depopulate the Planet. What the hell has given you the right? Who are you to sit down with your billion and think about who should live, and who should die?”

The posts for Jackson have been met with criticism. One prominent voice was that of former Eagles president Joe Banner who tweeted his frustration about the anti-semitic tweets from Trump.

The Eagles did not comment about the case. Eagles beat columnist Les Bowen said, “I’ll eat my phone if DeSean Jackson hasn’t been convinced by Tuesday afternoon to apologize profusely.” Bowen wants Jackson to promise money on top of an apology.

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