It’s Time to Celebrate National Drink Beer Day!

Beer is one of the most popular drink in the world. A lot of beer, not enough time! On September 28, National Drink Beer Day, we are usually reminded of Benjamin Buford Blue, aka “Bubba,” and his recitation of all the numerous varieties of shrimp he adores in “Forrest Gump.” Remember? Today, we’re going to think about all the beers that make us happy. Porters, ales, lagers, stouts, blocks, and everything in between are all available.

It’s Time to Celebrate National Drink Beer Day!

National Drink Beer Day

History of Drink Beer Day

We look to the ancient Egyptians for solutions to most problems. Because papyrus scrolls containing early beer recipes have been found, historians believe that beer was used as a ceremonial beverage about 5,000 years ago. But almost 10,000 years ago, well before the beginning of history as we know it, the Mesopotamians may have been the ones to invent beer. During the Middle Ages, beer arrived in Europe and started to become more and more popular. Why would you choose to drink beer instead of polluted, perhaps infected water? German monks eventually developed into great brewers, inventing some of the fermentation methods that helped the world get closer to the beer we know and love today. Did you know that ordering beer at a restaurant costs less in European towns like Prague than ordering water? When they ran out of beer and had to brew more, European immigrants in the New World genuinely grumbled. (It seems that the Pilgrims’ passion for beer was so great that one of their first tasks after arriving was to start a brewery.) DIY using a home brew kit, if you’re the daring type. Drink beer wisely and in moderation on National Drink Beer Day, but also have fun. Just once, skip the evening Cabernet and the white wine. Get a frosty, ice-cold beer and enjoy it while keeping in mind that beer is no longer simply your folks’ beverage!

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How to celebrate National Drink Beer Day?

  • Sample beer at the brewery. Want to sample some fresh brews? Visit a local brewery and get a “flight” so you can sample a variety of their brews. Rank your favorite beers, bring friends, and exchange notes.
  • Make your own beer now and become the brew master you’ve always wanted to be! Begin with taking pleasure in the finished item on National Drink Beer Day. To get started brewing, you may buy beer-making kits online and in specialty shops.
  • Find out various ways on how to drink beer or what is the best way to drink beer.
  • Drink together with your mates. Unable to reach a brewery? Not interested in brewing your own beer? Not to worry! Invite some pals around for a barbecue or a chill day catching up over some drinks.

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Why do we appreciate Drink Beer Day?

Beer represents variety. There are now more types of beer than ever before because to the rapidly expanding number of craft breweries. Nitro brews, milk stouts, IPAs, EPAs, lagers, ales, wheat beers, pilsners, porters, and saisons are among the available beverages. There are beers flavored with ginger, grapefruit, orange, chocolate, coffee, and other fruits and spices. Boring beer? Never! Beer and fun go together. While enjoying a cool beer when you get home from work or a brewski with dinner is enjoyable, it’s also fantastic to share a beer with friends. Cookouts, casual gatherings at a neighborhood bar, events and festivals are all excellent times to down a refreshing beer.

Beer equals self-assurance (kinda, sorta). Let’s face it; we enjoy the slight boost in confidence that beer, like other alcoholic beverages, provides. Crowds make us feel more at ease, and social situations make it simpler for us to maneuver. Just be careful not to overindulge or let alcohol turn into a crutch. Beer consumption is acceptable as long as it’s done responsibly!

When is the International Beer Day this Year?

National Drink Beer Day Dates

2022September 28Wednesday
2023September 28Thursday
2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday

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