The “Dreams” TikTok challenge has been effectively terminated by Stevie Nicks. The singer, who spoke of becoming a technophobe, entered the platform and posted a single , clear video that was all we wanted.Here’s the back story: After he posted a video of himself on TikTok riding his long board while lip-synching the Fleetwood Mac hit “Dreams” and drinking an Ocean Spray drink, a man named Nathan Apodaca went viral.


Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood learned about it and, by recreating Apodaca’s video, joined TikTok to have some fun.

Many individuals took up the “challenge” as well and began publishing their own versions.

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The whole thing got so big that Ocean Spray even gave Apodaca a new truck, because his whole reason for riding a long board was that it wasn’t working on his car.

“Join Stevie Nicks, a classic song writer and lead singer with a catchy chorus,” Thunder happens only when it’s raining…

She hopped on TikTok on Tuesday and posted a video of her sitting at a piano, wearing roller skates and singing along with her.

“In the caption, she said,” Afternoon vibe. Lace’em up!

There is a record player beside her and, of course, an Ocean Spray juice bottle.

Over game.

“In 1977,” Dreams “reached No. 1 as a single from the mega-selling” Rumors “album by Fleetwood Mac.

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