Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in marital therapy, and we’ve heard that for most of 2020, the issue of divorce has been looming, but they haven’t given up. Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell that for the last half of 2020 the marriage was in deep trouble. Actually, at one point, we’re told that Kim was prepared to pull the plug on the marriage, but it was when Kanye was going through a serious psychotic episode, and when he wasn’t well, she felt it was cruel to do it.

Divorce Is The Only Option b/w Kim Kardashian & Kanye

For a few months, they’ve been living apart… Kanye spent the rest of his time in Wyoming while she was with the kids in Calabasas.

They were absorbed in personal business ventures and did not concentrate on making final choices.

Kim went back and forth and we were told… At times, divorce was thought to be the only option, but at other times, there was a chance to save the marriage. That is why, late last year, they took a family holiday… To see if they can fix anything.

Divorce Is The Only Option b/w Kim Kardashian & Kanye

For the Christmas holidays, everything was put on hold, but now the problem is front and center. For many reasons, Kim Kardashian had Disso Queen Laura Wasser on retainer for years, and the issue of divorce was addressed months ago, but Kim never gave the green light to file.

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Her ambivalence, what with 4 small children, is understandable. In May, 2014, they married.

We’re told we haven’t made a final decision, and it means they’ve been in therapy for a while.

We are advised that their problems are neither controversial nor ugly, but they have a lot of differences… From way of life to politics. However, they are completely compatible with parenting.

Divorce Is The Only Option b/w Kim Kardashian & Kanye

Our sources decided to make one thing clear… There aren’t any third parties.

As for the possibility of divorce…. We’ve been advised not to bet against it.

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