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Diablo Immortal Crests: Everything you Need to Know

Crests are one of the more unusual additions to Diablo Immortal, as you can’t wear them, use them as currency, or use them to hit demons and undead with them. They’re also not all that common. You might spend hours delving among the ruins of endless dungeons, wrecked churches, and scary woodlands, only to come up empty-handed. In fact, you won’t even learn about them until you’re well into Diablo Immortal’s tale. When Deckard Cain talks about jewels, he eventually leads you to them, but until then, you’ll be in the dark.

diablo immortal crests

Why should you worry about these crests when you have a tonne of riches that would make even Smaug jealous, piles of platinum, and loads of orbs? What does a bodybuilder like the Barbarian, who never skips leg day, need with them? Diablo Immortal presents a quick overview that’s easy to overlook, yet crests are the key to success when it comes to levelling up your character.

Diablo Immortal Crests

Diablo Immortal

Crests are the key to Diablo Immortal’s playable lootboxes, which are referred to as Elder Rifts. The Elder Rift is a randomly generated instanced dungeon game in which you must complete a short dungeon and defeat a boss to get rewards. The quality of the awards varies according on the crest(s) you used to enter, with Legendary crests being the greatest because they guarantee at least one Legendary gem. Rare crests, on the other hand, are still useful because they increase the Elder Rift’s Rune reward and provide a slight possibility of a Legendary jewel award.

Each crest you insert will improve your rewards as well as add random positive or negative factors to your run. The variables won’t be revealed until you load into the Elder Rift. Fortunately, if they’re too difficult or bothersome, you can leave right away – and you’ll get to keep your crests if you haven’t assaulted anything. Rare crests only add a single modifier at random, whereas Legendary crests add two modifications, usually one positive and one negative.

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How to Get Diablo Immortal Crests

Diablo Immortal Crests Everything you Need to Know

Once you’ve progressed far enough in Diablo Immortal’s plot, you’ll find the stone that allows you to enter Elder Rifts in the city of Westmarch. The layout, enemies, and monster of the dungeon are all randomised, and the faster you conquer the dungeon and defeat the boss, the higher your additional goodies will be.

You can take on an Elder Rift by yourself or in a party of up to four people, each with their own crest. However, regardless of how you set it up, it will scale according to the highest combat rating, so don’t try to join a group with a combat rating considerably higher than your own, as you would almost certainly die.

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The unfortunate thing for Diablo Immortal crest hunters is that the Legendary ones are extremely difficult to obtain without spending real money. There are a few options for getting free new Rare crests, which are mentioned below:

  • Every day, simply engage with the Elder Rift in Westmarch to receive a free Rare crest. Furthermore, crests are account-wide, whereas the Elder Rift’s free daily prize is character-specific. So, every day, you can check in with each of your characters to acquire a new one.
  • Rare crests can be purchased for 300 Hilts from the Hilt Merchant in Westmarch (a crafting item you can earn a variety of ways, from Bounties to Codex entries). You can buy two Rare crests per day, and then two more via the Limited Time tab — you’ll just have to return back when the merchant refreshes for the second one.

However, obtaining Legendary crests without paying real money will be difficult:

  • Yes, you read that right: once a month. Once a month, you can exchange 1,600 hilts for a Legendary crest at the Hilt Merchant in Westmarch. Isn’t capitalism wonderful?
  • At Rank 20, the free version of the battle pass will only provide you one Legendary crest. That’s it; there are no additional Legendary crests available in the free version.

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