Kate Garraway’s Husband Out Of Hospital: Dr. Hilary Jones persuaded the husband of Kate Garraway, Derek Draper, to go to the hospital over symptoms of coronavirus. Derek contracted Covid-19 back in March, and has been in intensive care for his survival ever since. And the health expert reported a concerned Kate informing him about the symptoms of Derek, and urging them to seek urgent medical assistance.

He appeared on Good Morning Britain and told BenShephard and Ranvir Singh: “I spoke to Derek, too. He had been deteriorating, his symptoms weren’t typical by any means, and Kate was worried.

“Of course she called a colleague at work, I’m very, very happy to help in those situations as I have in the past. That’s what I do.

“I spoke to Kate, she was concerned about whether she should call an ambulance.

(Picture: ITV)

“I spoke to Derek and I was concerned, just the way he was speaking and his breathlessness. I asked him to do a very simple test… This is not a diagnostic test, I have to say, for COVID.

“There have been some spoof, false tests that have been pushed out there on the internet, saying that if you hold your breath and don’t cough after 10 seconds that you’ve got COVID,’ Dr. Hilary continued.

“That does not happen, that’s not a diagnostic test. All I asked him to do was to hold his breath and see how long he could hold it for without becoming uncomfortable and it was less than 10 seconds.

“I said to Kate, this is time to call an ambulance, he’s very breathless, significantly breathless. and that’s when he was admitted.”

Kate Garraway’s Husband Out Of Hospital: Dr. Hilary also explained that after Derek’s hospital visit he had been in touch with Kate and heaped praise on the mum-of-two for remaining so strong at such a difficult time.

“I’ve been in touch with her since,’ he added. ‘She’s been so strong, so supportive of the NHS and everything they’ve done. But he’s still very poorly.”

Derek was rushed into hospital with COVID-19 symptoms at the very end of March, and has been fighting for his existence ever since.

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