In the final episode of the Netflix series Dark, there is a moment in which Jonas turns to Martha and says “it is a bit complicated to explain” – and he is certainly not exaggerating.


After three seasons, the mesmerizing and mind-bending sci-fi series has reached its culmination, and after what was an exciting final episode, it is likely viewers will have a lot of questions. We have done our best here to answer as many of those questions as possible…

The finale starts with Claudia meeting Adam – something that Adam considers extremely disturbing, as this has never occurred in the prior iteration of the loop. Claudia reveals to Adam that his repeated efforts to break the bond, including the killing of Martha and her unborn child, have only ever kept it in contact.

Claudia further states that both the world of Adam (the one in which we spent much of the three-season run of the show) and the world of Eva (which was introduced in season three) would never really have existed, they are offshoots that were created when the experiment of HG Tannhaus went wrong in a third world-the world of origin.

Claudia spent 33 years across the worlds of Eva and Adam trying to stop the loop from repeating (thus saving her daughter Regina from dying of cancer) but realizes it is impossible – all that happens in both worlds is bound to repeat, maybe not at the same time or in the same way, but no one in either world can escape their destiny.

Using a loophole – that time stands still during the apocalypse and it is therefore briefly possible to change the chain of cause and effect – Claudia can approach Adam to explain all this and tell him that he must now send his younger self, Jonas and Martha’s version from the world of Eve to the world of origin to stop the event that results in the formation of both worlds

Adam goes to Jonas – at the time just after the Martha was shot from his planet – and explains to him that the only way he can keep himself from being Adam is to follow this strategy. So Jonas fetches the Martha from the world of Eva – right before she is captured by Magnus and Franziska and the cycle is repeated.

Jonas is successful and he travels with Eva’s world Martha to June 21, 1986, the day on which the passage was first opened, and created the worlds of Adam and Eve. HG Tannhaus’ had been attempting to travel back in time to escape the car crash that kills his family but divides time unintentionally, producing the other worlds instead. Jonas states that there will be a connection between all three dimensions for a brief moment when the passage is formed at which point he and Martha must travel back to the day of the fatal car accident in the world of origin to prevent it from ever occurring.

And so Jonas and Martha walk across the bridge separately, a kind of starry space in which they briefly see each other’s childhood images, until they find each other and move into the world of origin. We then effectively avoid the collision by standing in front of the car, pushing it to halt, and telling the son of Tannhaus that the bridge ahead is blocked, and they are going to have to go home – an order that he follows grudgingly. And then, the car turns around, they stay at HG Tannhaus the night back and the crash never happens, stopping Tannhaus from using the time machine and preventing the worlds of Adam and Eve from ever being formed.

Do Martha and Jonas Die?

Dark: Okay, not theoretically – what really happens is that they are absolutely wiped out of existence, because they never existed in the universe of creation, and in the conventional sense they do not really die. Yet they are ceasing to exist.


Martha and Jonas confide in each other in some of their final moments that they saw each other’s childhood versions in the bridge – and speculate about what this might mean. Martha asks “Do you think we could remain anything, or is that what we are-a dream? We never really met.” Jonas responds that he does not know, but proclaims that “we are a great match” and the couple holds hands (we can soon see Adam and Eve doing the same) as they gradually vanish from life as a softly sung version of ‘What a Wonderful World’ starts to play in the background. What a romantic look!

Dark Final Scene Meaning

Dark: Throughout the final scene, throughout today’s world of origin (actually the only one) we see a pleasant-looking dinner party with guests like Regina Tidemann (who has not died from cancer), Peter Doppler (who now seems to be living happily with the transgender woman with whom he had an affair in the one of Adam) and a pregnant Hannah Kahnwald (although she clearly does not have this su There are a number of absentees, including Ulrich Nielsen and Charlotte Doppler, because they do not exist anymore because they relied on time travel to be born first.


And while it is obvious that the other worlds do not exist anymore, they do seem to have some sort of lingering secret effect on the characters in the world of origin – with Hannah looking in horror at a yellow coat (like the one worn by her son Jonas in the world of Adam) after the teasing mention of an apocalypse. She says in some of the series’ final words, “I just had deja vu or something. It may sound ridiculous, but that is exactly what I dreamed of last night “– and it seems she was somehow conscious of the other worlds coming to an end in some way. Then, with her very last line, she declares “I think Jonas is a beautiful name” when asked about a name for her unborn child.

What Is the Origin?

Dark: There has been talk of a ‘root’ for most of the show that, if broken, might get rid of the knot and stop the loop.

Adam is persuaded that this root is the child of Adam’s world Jonas and Eva’s world Martha, which he thinks binds the world together (we see the child traveling frequently together at different stages of his life, boy, young man and old man).

But it turns out that this was another red herring – the alleged destruction of Martha’s unborn child by Adam was just another thing that perpetuated the circle. The real origin, as described above, was the car crash which first caused the development and use of the time machine by the HG Tannhaus world of origin.

Who are Eva and Adam?

Dark: Eva and Adam are grown up versions of Martha and Jonas in their respective universe – and they are the secret to ensuring the cycle continues to repeat, even though they both seek to avoid it at various stages.

Jonas explains to Martha, “We are why it all happens the way it does.

Why it happens again and again, “and later Adam to Eve” We are responsible for this never-ending Deja Vu. “That is why it is ultimately up to younger Jonas and Martha to go into the world of origin and stop the crash that puts all the events in motion.

Dark: Many audiences will certainly have additional questions, and no one will have all the answers – as the show itself often states, “What we know is a drop, what we do not know is an ocean,” but everything in the final episode wrapped up Dark in a rather satisfying – though often confusing – way.

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