Mr. Trump made the announcement to halt funding to World Health Organization (WHO) whilst a review is conducted. He, unfolding the underlying notion of the review, said the WHO’s role in covering up and severely mismanaging the Coronavirus spread would be covered in the review.

Trump’s announcement has been uncovered amid the worst global outbreak in decades; he furiously guards his own strategies and handling of the Coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

Whilst swirling queries regarding whether he ignored the warnings from admin about its potential severity or downplayed the crisis, Mr. Trump has assigned the blame elsewhere encompassing the WHO and in the news media.

The United States funds $400 million – $500 million to World Health Organization every year, Mr. Trump said, nothing that China “contributes roughly $40 million”.

“Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China’s lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death.” Donald Trump said.

A pattern of skepticism, began well before the Coronavirus pandemic, of world organizations is followed by his decision to withdraw funding from World Health Organization. Mr. President has asked US funding to the United Nations, withdrawn from global climate agreement and criticized the World Trade Organization.

Sen. Chris – Democratic Murphy of Connecticut – who gives his services on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, proposed earlier Tuesday that although China and the WHO ‘made mistakes’, Mr. Trump is looking to bounce blame as well from his own admin.

Murphy said, “Right now, there is a very coordinated effort amongst the White House and their allies to try to find scapegoats for the fatal mistakes that the President made during the early stages of this virus”.

“It is just wildly ironic that the President and his allies are now criticizing China or the WHO for being soft on China when it was in fact the President who was the chief apologist for China during the early stages of this crisis.” He added.

On Tuesday, Trump said if the WHO had done its work properly, he could have introduced a ban on people traveling from China sooner. He also stated the WHO made a ‘dangerous and costly’ decision to go against the restrictions imposed on travel from China.

But, surprisingly, just a few days before Mr. Trump introduced his ban on travel from China, he also praised the country.

U.S. Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo – voiced on Trump’s criticism of the WHO on Later Tuesday, but didn’t react particularly to the announcement that the United States would hold back funds from the global entity.

Pompeo, in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, stated, “We need answers to these questions, we need transparency and we need the World Health Organization to do its job, to perform its primary function, which is to make sure that the world has accurate, timely, effective, real information about what’s going on in the global health space, and they didn’t get that done here.”

Tuesday’s announcement to halt funding unfolded days after a conspicuous U.S. ally – the United Kingdom – proclaimed an additional contribution of £65 million to the WHO.

Against the international multilateral organizations, the step to halt the funding is the latest in a line of admin actions. Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, the admin’s proposal of fiscal year 2021 laid out a $65 million split to the WHO – a more than 50% decline over fiscal year 2020.

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