Chrome RSS feed reader: Here’s a new Follow feature

Google is experimenting with a new feature in its Chrome browser for Android that allows users to “follow” websites to keep track of new content they post – Chrome RSS feed reader. The functionality is built on RSS, an open web standard that has previously served as the foundation for several common web aggregation tools. That involves Google’s own Google Reader, which was once famous.

RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome

RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome is limited; only certain Chrome Canary users in the United States will be able to follow websites. On the part of Chrome RSS feed reader, users can follow websites from the browser toolbar, and notifications will be aggregated in a card-based feed that appears when they open a new tab. It’s unclear if this feed is entirely reliant on sites that support RSS or whether Google will fill in the cracks on its own.

Since the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms has had so many clearly negative consequences, many people regard RSS as a kind of network Golden Age that collapsed due to a glut of aristocracy and a lack of cunning. What’s obvious is that Google is reacting to a desire for new ways to interact with the internet – Chrome RSS feed reader. Google’s head of web creator relations – Paul Bakaus – tweeted:

“We’ve heard it loud and clear: Discovery & distribution is lacking on the open web, and RSS hasn’t been ‘mainstream consumer’ friendly. Today, we’re announcing an experimental new way, powered by RSS, to follow creators with one click.”

Follow, Chrome RSS feed reader, is currently considered an experiment by Google, which will review publisher and end user reviews before determining whether or not to graduate/widely introduce it. If that’s the situation, the company will offer more information to sites, but for now, the only publisher advice is to make sure a site’s RSS is up to date. Analogously, Google has not said if it would be available on iOS or web browsers.

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“We welcome feedback from publishers, bloggers, creators, and citizens of the open web (like you!) on this experiment as we aim to build deeper engagement between users and web publishers in Chrome. You can also stay up-to-date and ask us questions via @WebCreators on Twitter or via email to [email protected]

Why RSS Feed Readers for Chrome?

Why RSS Feed Readers for Chrome

Well, why can’t Chrome just display RSS feeds itself? Why do you need RSS feed readers for Chrome? RSS readers are integrated into other browsers, but Chrome chose not to have one from the start. Their goal was to keep Chrome’s core simple and easy, while allowing extensions to solve the various problems that users face.

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