Is It National Cheese Pizza Day Today? Days of the Year

Please hold the toppings! It’s time for you to enjoy National Cheese Pizza Day, which is observed every year on September 5. We all adore traditional pizza flavors like pepperoni, pineapple, grilled chicken, and juicy meat lovers. But nothing beats the simplicity of holding a single slice of melty, wonderful cheese pizza, carefully folded. Pizza cheese is manufactured in the United States alone on an annual basis in excess of 2 billion pounds. So, have a traditional slice of ooey, gooey cheese pizza for yourself on this particular day, and then share a slice or two with some of your closest friends.

Is It National Cheese Pizza Day Today? Days of the Year

National Cheese Pizza Day

History of Cheese Pizza Day

You may be aware that everyone celebrates their favorite pizza meal on February 9th, which is known as National Pizza Day. But National Cheese Pizza Day was created to be observed annually on September 5 in order to show special appreciation for the beloved cheese pizza. Let’s face it: Margherita, pepperoni, olive, and mushroom pizzas all deserve their own day of adoration. This is probably why National Cheese Pizza Day was instituted. It is still a day that is frequently observed and, of course, engaged in, despite the fact that the actual inventor and birth date are unknown. Although the origins of pizza are unknown, many historians place it in Ancient Greece, where people would spread oils, herbs, and cheese on their bread. You must agree that sounds like pizza. The original form of the cheese pizza that is so beloved today, however, was a flatbread pizza that was invented in Naples, Italy, using only the finest buffalo mozzarella. Yum!

Pizza eventually made its way to the Western Continent as a result of travel and discovery. In Little Italy in New York, the first pizza restaurant in the Western world opened its doors in 1905. The D’Amore family did not formally debut pizza to the rest of the country until 1939 when they did it in Los Angeles. After World War II, pizza became incredibly popular in the United States. The rise in pizza eating at the period was driven by veterans of the Italian Campaign who had been exposed to Italian food. Pizza rose to prominence in North America in the second part of the 20th century. The first Pizza Hut Kansas was established in 1958 by two men named Dan and Frank Carney, who borrowed $600 from their mother. They adopted the recognizable red thatched roof that we still associate with them with in the 1960s when they were up against some fierce competition.

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To address challenges unique to pizza operators, a formal industry body called the Pizza Industry Council was even created. The value of the American pizza industry today exceeds $40 billion annually. Another way that cheese pizza has influenced pop culture is because it was Kevin Mccallister’s go-to meal in the Home Alone films. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who rose to fame in the 1990s as a global sensation, may be the only people who like pizza as much as they do. The Joey special, which included two pizzas, was also introduced in the 1990s by Joey Tribianni, the enduring Friends character. Pizza has undeniably become a favorite in the United States and Canada, and cheese pizza is its staple. It’s a favorite meal at every party and get-together with friends, and that won’t be changing any time soon!

Activities for Cheese Pizza Day

  • Pizza gathering! One thing that is certain in this crazy world is that everyone enjoys a hot, steaming slice of pizza. Invite a few of your favorite pizza-loving buddies around to mark this unique occasion.
  • Take advantage of the greatest cheese pizza. Even though they are all likely to be delectable, one of them must be the best. Maybe it’s in New York? Chicago? Start your hunt for the best slice of cheese pizza glory right away by asking your friends, the owner of the Italian restaurant in your neighborhood, or Yelp.
  • Look for a pizza museum nearby. Pizza that’s so delicious it belongs in a museum? You got that right. Chicago is home to the United States Pizza Museum, while Philadelphia’s Pizza Brain is another pizza museum. Check to see if there is a pizza attraction or comparable pizza palace close by!

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Facts about Pizza

  • Many Americans order pizza. In actuality, they order 350 slices on average every second.
  • Most people favor thin crust. Thin crust pizza is preferred by 61% of customers over thick or deep dish pizza.
  • The most expensive Pizza in the world is around $12,000. Italian Master Chef Renato Viola invented the most costly pizza in the world.
  • The largest pizza in the world has a diameter of 122′ 8″ inches. The biggest pizza in the world is called Ottavia. It was produced in Rome, Italy, and was advertised as being completely gluten-free. The pizza was created to raise awareness about choosing wholesome foods.
  • Cheese is widely used in pizzerias. Each year, they spend over $4 billion on cheese purchases!
  • Approximately 55 pizza boxes are consumed daily by the typical pizzeria.
  • It can also be a breakfast item! 36% of respondents believe pizza is the ideal breakfast.
  • Philadelphia has a museum dedicated to pizza. The world’s largest collection of pizza-related memorabilia is kept at Pizza Brain. That’s simply not true, as Guinness declared the collection to be “the world’s largest collection of pizza-related objects” back in 2011.

Why we like National Cheese Pizza Day?

Health-conscious dietary options are becoming more and more prevalent in our modern world. It’s fantastic that there are healthy meal options available, but occasionally you simply want to grab something greasy and cheese-filled. Cheese pizza, hello! Cheese is for everyone. There are countless types of cheese, each one more pleasurable than the previous. Cheese is both ubiquitous and wonderful. Cheese pizza is the definition of the traditional everyday pizza for the average person as a supper. What’s not to love about National Cheese Pizza Day and cheese pizza in general? It’s a fantastic portable dinner. While some people appreciate taking their time to relax and eat a snack, others simply live fast-paced lives. A slice of that cheese pizza is usually a terrific choice for those people who are constantly on the run. Additionally, for ultimate pleasure, you can fold it into a taco-like form.

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When is Cheese Pizza Day?

2022September 5Monday
2023September 5Tuesday
2024September 5Thursday
2025September 5Friday
2026September 5Saturday

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