Birkin Bag: On July 10th Offset and the daughter of Cardi B celebrated her second birthday with an over-the-top bash and a designer dress that suited her mom’s. Cardi even posted a picture of herself and Kulture dripping in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds.

But the bling and the bash were just the start. Offset presented a truly spectacular gift to his toddler: a rosy Birkin bag.

In a video on Instagram, the 28-year-old “Clout” rapper opens Kulture ‘s orange Hermès box, telling her, “I see you, pretty girl.”

While many were jealous of the tot on social media, others criticized her famous parents for buying a purse worth five figures for their 2-year-old.

Birkin Bag: On Instagram Wednesday night, Cardi B struck back at the haters. “When celebrities buy jewelry and designer s—t for their children, people will be like, ‘Children don’t care about that. They just care about toys and sweets, “said the 27-year-old rapper.

“Sure, kids just know about toys and sweets, but the thing is, the kids go outside too. Do you know what I mean? Children go to restaurants, children go to fancy locations, children who are celebrities, they go to red carpets. And if I’m flying and flying the fly of daddy, then so is the boy.

Cardi continued: “If I looked like a bad girl, rich girl, and I looked like a bum bum to my boy, then all of you would be talking s — t. So I’m not mad about this daddy buying a Birkin boy. She’s going to match mum.’

In fact, Offset has over the years gifted his wife with many Birkin bags, including for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Cardi also took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a special Tiffany blue Birkin to go along with a new pink version of her baby.

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