Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Launches New Mini Personal Air Cooler

Blaux Portable AC is a mini-personal air-conditioning unit intended to help customers who want to stay cool and relaxed this summer.

Ah, the summer joys; being sunny, feeling the humidity, watching life grow and come alive again. But then, oh then, there are the summer heat waves that can be a daunting environment to surmount all season long if your home does not have the correct air conditioning system. The Blaux Portable AC has taken the industry by storm with both its mini Blaux Portable AC unit and its Blaux Wearable AC personal fan and air filter neck cooler, whether it is in preparation or retroactively evaluating the latest developments and technical advances in portable air conditioners.

Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Launches New Mini Personal Air Cooler
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As a pioneer in lightweight, compact and personal portability air-conditioning systems, the Blaux Portable AC has stole summer heat by providing customers with a customary alternative to blow up a refreshingly efficient airflow that starts providing fast cooling in less than a minute and can lower hot and humid room temperatures in just a few more.

The portable Blaux AC lets you maximize your indoor temperature for increased leisure, relaxation and function.  Unlike other conventional cooling systems and fans, Blaux Portable AC releases moisture into the environment from too humid, avoiding dry eyes or irritated skin.

The Blaux Portable AC also helps to preserve humidity and air quality by filtering out harmful particles through water curtains that can be refilled. Blaux’s portable AC unit is environmentally friendly and can reduce the energy costs of whole-home central air cooling or window AC noise.

After powering on this air cooler (pre-soaking helps cool down faster), it starts attracting and filtering harmful dust particles, which helps purify the room with clean fresh cooling air. There is good reason the Blaux Portable AC is the most common portable AC unit on the market.

The Technology behind This Portable Air Conditioner

This portable AC device is rechargeable and is powered by USB. The power is derived from DC5V, and it produces less than 40 decibels of noise. This portable air-conditioner has a detachable network cover for easy cleaning with minimal effort. When fully charged it can work uninterrupted for about 8 hours.

Blaux Portable AC is cordless but uses a C-type cable for charging, directly plugging into the power source for effortless recharge. There are also 3-fan speeds with flexibility of positioning the airflow. The mini Blaux AC unit provides all these features that weigh 2-pounds when unfilled and is no greater than the size of a car battery.

Blaux Portable AC Main Essential Features

For the many useful features to enjoy, the Blaux Portable AC is a leader in mini personal air conditioning coolers; it is a stylish modern look, cost-saving usability, and, to name a few, high-quality performance.

Elegant/Compact Design

This portable air conditioner comes in colors Grey and White. The Blaux Portable is adaptable for small spaces and fits with anyone everywhere.

Excellent Air Filtering

Blaux Portable AC functions as an excellent humidifier, air purifier and reliable cooler indoors. Although air cooling is the main attraction, the additional air-purifying effects are not anything to love.

Highly Portable

Since it is lightweight and compact, you can take it everywhere you go with you. Adapt to a gym or road trip, Blaux makes you tailor the air around you.

Long Battery

With long battery life, you need not necessarily charge the unit all day long. It can work uninterrupted all day long and is ideal if you have an RV and enjoy camping in remote areas.

Life-easy Maintenance

Since this portable air conditioner absorbs humidity and debris, the mesh sensors can be quickly clogged. Although this is popular in all gadgets for air cleaning, this portable air conditioner needs simple maintenance compared with other devices. Just clean it with a dry cloth and disinfectant once in a while.

Power and Charging Indicator

The Blaux Portable AC unit comes with an LED ring indicating the battery charging level, and sends automatic charging alerts.

3 Built-In Fans

Blaux Portable AC comes with 3 built-in fans which regulate the passage of airflow, which ultimately helps to minimize power consumption. The fans can run at slow or medium speed when it is not too hot, but they can change hot summer days accordingly.

No Noise

The Blaux AC emits low-fan sounds and minimal noises, and is great for desktops during nighttime work or sound sleep.

How Blaux AC Unit Works

This portable AC unit requires only a lithium rechargeable battery to start, and comes with a USB cable. Holding the battery fully charged is smart to increase its lifespan.

Under the concept known as thermoelectric cooling, the Blaux Portable AC works-a mechanism that makes the surrounding cooler. This AC unit uses electric current from both AC and DC for better cooling. One side remains at room temperature while the other side cools down well below the temperature surrounding it.

It cools down as the air passes through the vent, and is then released into the atmosphere. For a refreshing and purifying effect, the AC unit has air-cleaning filters which reduce airborne dust particles.

Reasons to Buy the Blaux Portable AC Unit

The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner unit on the market in 2020 is the top-rated personal AC air cooler, purifier and fan. There is no better way to cut through the heat of the summer than portable air conditioning with jam-packed revolutionary features within the Blaux Portable AC.

1 Blaux AC is $124 per unit but buying 4 Blaux Portable AC air conditioners drops down each unit to $85.75 per unit (super savings).

Top Blaux Portable AC Qualities

  • Elegant design, modern, mini size
  • Portability for air conditioners redefined
  • Long battery life
  • Cools and purifies the atmosphere
  • No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • There is a no-risk one-month return policy

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