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Top 10 Best Video Player Apps for Android

Many users have the primary video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, VRV and even YouTube subscriptions. Nevertheless, many of us on our phones still have video files. It’s not as hard to view videos as before. Most video player apps can play without problems the most famous video codecs. The open and app marketplace of Android makes it easy to replace inventory video players with any of the other great video apps, which let you to obtain just the functionality that you need. Let’s have a look at the best video player apps for Android.

Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player best video player apps for Android

Archos is one of Android’s popular video player apps. This app supports most types of video files, such as MKV, Mp4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc., along with a number of forms of subtitles, such as SRT, SUB, ASS (yes) and SMI. Other features, such as server and NAS support, external USB storage assistance and more are of course available. The programme also contains a reasonably current UI, easy controls and information from websites such as IMDb and In practise, although some Google Play reviewers do, we didn’t uncover any serious faults with it.

FX Player

FX Player best video player apps for Android

FX Player, one of the top video player apps for Android, offers good feature balance, supporting several popular audio and video, hardware and pop-up player formats. You can quickly change the playback with subtitles and multi-language support and 4K playback, and a range of motion controls. FX Player – best 4k video player for Android – provides SMB, FTP, HTTP and CIFS network support and WebDAV so that you can save space on your phone and maintain the external stored videos. The app is ad-subsidized, displaying banner commercials on the menus, but for a single $3.99 fee you can get rid of those.

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MX Player

MX Player best video player apps for Android

MX Player has been among the most popular video player apps for many years. Long before the other video player apps it supported more formats and was one of the first to offer things like hardware decoding, fast playback of hardware and other capabilities of that nature. All these features are still included with gesture controls (including pinch-to-zoom), subtitle support, children’s lockups to keep their children in the application to watch their Disney films, and practically every codec is available.


AllCast best video player apps for Android

Why not broadcast it to a larger screen, such a smart television or a streaming stick, instead of playing video on your little smartphone? AllCast is an Android video player that works with all the top streaming equipment, including Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and other DLNA support boxes and sticks. Users can stream films, images, videos and music from their local storage, as well as cloud services.


KMPlayer best video player apps for Android

KMPlayer, one of the best video player apps for Android, supports several video file formats, like other great Android video players, while delivering additional services such as a library viewer and cloud storage support. This includes a large range of file types, like MP4 and MKV, support for subtitles, replay rate adjustments, and library views with various sorting choices for acceleration or reduction of video playback. Users of KMPlayer can view films and content on the Google Drive in windowed mode.

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Plex, one of the top 10 video player apps for Android, is perhaps the greatest answer to your concern if you have plenty of videos on your phone and only 32 GB of storage. Plex enables you to set up a server on your computer and then transfers material to your smartphone from your computer. It is a little unusual with other movie player apps, but you don’t have to keep your files on your device too. This gives valuable space for storage of other things. The service can be set up at no cost, the mobile app is $4.99, and the subscription to all the Plex Pass functionalities is optional for $4.99 per month.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android

As one of the best video player apps for Android, VLC soon named itself. It contains a number of unique features, like the ability to stream videos with the URL. It can also play dark video formats, such as ISOs for DVDs. In contrast to others, it also includes all its codecs without any further plugin downloads. Subtitle support, full media support and audio support are also available, as well as multi-track audio.


PlayerXtreme best video player apps for Android

PlayerXtreme began with a well-known iOS video player which has since bounced off Android devices and offered a host of functions and settings to one of Android’s greatest video players. More than 40 files, subtitles and hardware acceleration are supported in the app. Streaming support both inside and out allows you to view media stored on your PC, NAS, and websites, while Air Play and Chromecast compatibility allows you to view media directly on your TV.



Xender is a file transfer app coupled with a video player. Without the use of mobile data, you can exchange music and films with others in the general area. In addition, most films and music files can be played easily using the programme. That’s a great choice for such things, but there’s no advanced viewing or playback features like many specialised video player applications. For people who must share media with their peers and then see or hear these media it is a good one-two punch.

Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

All format video player – a.k.a. XPlayer – is one of the best video Android players, with support for broad format, ultraHD, 4K playback capability, hardware and software decoding capabilities. XPlayer, the best 4k video player for Android, offers useful extras such as gesture controls, configurable playback speed and compatibility for Chromecast. You may even watch your videos in a pop-up window to allow for several tasks, or you can play videos in the backdrop so that you can listen to anything else.

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