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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

We understand that handsets are well endowed with cameras, which means that filming decent videos is no longer a struggle. Video editing is one of the most challenging abilities a gadget can do. On computers, decent data, tonnes of RAM, tonnes of storage and know-how to make this work are required. Phones are not capable of replicating experiences such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Nevertheless, some applications may do quite well with the fundamental components. It’s good enough to even patiently vlog any pro. Here are the best video editing apps for Android.



WeVideo’s free Android video editor makes creating and sharing incredible videos simple, fast and enjoyable. To create fantastic videos for school, business, and life, you don’t need to be a pro! TechCrunch, CNET, ReelSEO, the Next Web, Wired, and more promoted the WeVideo editor. You don’t have to be a professional to create and edit videos with this application. You can collect and transform stories wherever it is and create amazing videos using WeVideo’s Video Editor App and share them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



FilmoraGo is a Wondershare app for the video editor. It is certainly one of the greatest applications for the video editor. A whallop is packed in this video editor. You can make basics like trimming and cutting, rendering and stuff like that. It also features the reverse playback capability, Instagram square videos (1:1), and YouTube 16:9 videos particularly. Such things as slow motion, transitions, music, overlay and more are also supported.



ActionDirector is one of best video editing apps for Android. It can also be found on Android. It does the fundamental things. Clips can be imported, edited and video returned. You may add music, clip and trim video, add text, use slow movement and more. This is one of the few apps that support 4K video as well. However, you will need to verify that your device supports it. In the Google Play Store, the creators offer a nice tool to see if you can.

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PowerDirector is the #1 mobile video and filmmaker to create 4K videos, modify multi-timeline videos and publish them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. PowerDirector, one of the top video editing apps for Android, is also available as a Google Play Editors’ Choice app. The UI is pretty easy to use and uses the classical approach of timeline editing. For people that edit video often, it should be more intuitive.


Funimate best video editing apps for Android

Funimate is one of the best video editor apps for Android that is shockingly popular but not very sophisticated. It’s a terrific app to make music videos or simple videos from the stuff you have on your cellphone already. You can play 15 video filters, and the creating process is quite painless. You wouldn’t want to put this on a serious video. It has video effects, for example. It is better, though, than genuine production of video for short little social media posts.


InShot best video editing apps for Android

InShot, one of the best video editing apps for Android, is an extremely straightforward video editor that focuses heavily on such things as filters, videos and short videos. The time line editor with several video and audio channels is reasonably easy. They also provide basic tools such as cropping, a choice of music, and several small things such as fading in and out. Its tool kit is good for things like YouTube, TikTok, and other sites, such as its sticks, speed controls and other capabilities.

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KineMaster best video editing apps for Android

KineMaster is really the only professional full-featured video editor that offers a complete range of editing tools for Android, Chrome OS, iPhone and iPad that supported multiple video-layers, layers of text and pictorial layers, and the capacity to cut and trim clips precisely, multi-track audio, volume envelope control, LUT colour filters.


VivaVideo best video editing apps for Android

VivaVideo is one of the most popular video editing apps. However, it’s a mid-way video editor in practise. For brief clips for social media, it works particularly well. The application uses a storyboard editing technique where clips are loaded, edited and cut as necessary and moved to the next phase. It has over 200 video filters and other features, text input and support for quick and slow motion.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush best video editing apps for Android

Adobe Premiere Rush is, nonetheless, one of the newer video publishing applications on the list and it’s really good. It offers many essential feats including multi-track schedules, cloud synchronisation, and extensive editing capabilities. The app still needs minor user interface and bug patches, but it has a huge potential.


Quik best video editing apps for Android

You can make wonderful videos with only a few taps using the Quik app. Quik is a free video editor that the infamous GoPro has offered to you. With your images and videos, you can create beautiful videos with the App. The beat of the music can be combined with transitions and effects and syncs. It automatically edits most of the data, but Quik may also customize fine aspects.

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