Top 10 Best Shooting Games for Android

Professional shooting games quickly become a trend in the sustainable mobile market. Both the creation of games and smart phone hardware can give high quality gaming experiences – even for first-person shooters. This probably still seems crazy to talk to traditional PC players. But it’s true that mobile shooters have a nice niche within the pro-gaming community — franchises like PUBG Mobile and Guns of Boom have competitive leagues that are good for people who like to stream or to attempt to play for money in a tournament. Let’s have a look at the best shooting games for Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the best shooting games for Android is Call of Duty: Mobile. Ordinarily, we wait a little for a game to play, but this game is so intense and so incredibly popular that we had to include it right away. The game consists of typical FPS PvP online, like a duty call. However, a royal mode similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite contains also a 100-player fight. That makes it in an unusual class of good normal FPS games such as Critical Ops and a good royal war such as PUBG Mobile. The game has buys in-app, but they appear just for cosmetic equipment and a large amount of stuff is available in-game. The game is good, and this seems to be something that people truly adore.

Top 10 Best FPS Games for Android available Now

Critical Ops

Critical Ops, one of the top shooting games for Android, is a first-person shooter of the new generation and one of the greatest. In this Title, you will be fighting terrorists on a range of urban levels, or if you wish, you can play as terrorists. You can also play with your buddies on a robust on-line multi-player community. It’s still a work under way, but it appears to touch all the important points and is constantly updated. The only negative is that players of the most popular PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile are not included.

Hitman: Sniper

Hitman: Sniper is one of the top 10 best shooting games for Android with rich individuals, bodyguards and a certain high priority, agent 47, stationed with a sniper gun. Your task is to take your time, create an action plan, and start eliminating foes as long as they are in place. Each mission has many objectives to be completed and can be spent on upgrades of weapons and new sniper rifles for additional money. Use Share Replay to share gameplay footage with your friends if you are exceptionally proud of a task. This game has lovely graphics and fantastic mechanics: you must lead the adversaries that are in motion and take their unpredictable behaviours into account.

Ailment and Endurance

Ailment is a mix of a dungeon and a shooter, RPG. Players explore the world, find plunder and gear, blast down the bad guys and fight really hard. The graphics are retro style and this is not the most beautiful game we ever saw. The mechanics are nevertheless powerful and the controls can be learned easily. Players can also find hidden eggs from Easter, take NPCs to the ride, and more. Endurance was a prelude to Ailment in 2020 and it’s as good, if not a bit better, than Ailment.

Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday, one of the best shooting games for Android, is precisely what the doctor has ordered unless enough bullets can be received on the screen. These three best aerial games are pure craziness and we enjoy every second of them. The games have colourful, vivid visuals, a mode chapter, simple controls, easy to use mode (for beginners), etc. The series consists of three games. You have Hell Bullet Monday and Hell Bullet Monday and Black Bullet Monday and Hell Bullet. Whatever you desire, you can begin with.

Top 10 Best Android Multiplayer Games

Modern Combat 5

This trend-setting first-body shooter for Android originally released as Modern Combat 5 Blackout was re-branded to benefit from the eSport movement. I’d like to prove wrong now, but as an eSports game, I’m very confident that’s never going to be taken off. That said, it’s still a decent mobile FPS with brilliant graphics and possibilities to play or take your solo adventure online, and with the correct controller in your palm, you can gain a boost on your opponent. It’s evident that when the Call of Duty franchise was originally established, this game tried to rub some light off.

AirAttack 2

AirAttack 2 is a really decent and high-down aerial shooter. Like classics, the game is playing. You go to the level of enemies, bosses and so forth. However, the graphics, simple controls and a survival objective for those who want an extra challenge are surprisingly nice. The game contains daily awards, five aircraft, several upgrades and Android TV compatibility, as well as external game pads, muzzles and keyboards.


Fortnite is one of Android’s most singular shooting games. Before, you certainly heard of it. You fall from the skies and come and find different goods, kill all your adversaries and become the last to win the round. It has a huge track record. The mechanics of the game are a bit tight on the cell phone, but that is because so many controls exist. Over time, we anticipate it to improve. You can also synchronise your account with other game versions to maintain things such as skins and other open material. The game, one of the top shooting games for Android, started as a third party Epic Games download where it’s still available today.

Garena Free Fire

Garena, one of the top 10 shooting games for Android, is a popular third-party online shooter. It is a royal style game in the battle of 49 more people on an island and it is duked for 10 minutes. All the regal characteristics that people appreciate are in war. You find weapons, walk the safe zone, plunder your enemies and strive to be the last person to stand. Four player squads with voice in the game also feature in the game. With this one, we like social components a lot.

Into the Dead 2

A cool hybrid shooter is included in Dead 2. The game also incorporates endless mechanics of runner type. Basically, you are passing through a massive zombie swarm forever. The aim is to survive. Some aspects of the game include decent pictures, several weapons, a dog guide, some tower defence gameplay, and several endings. In the shooter’s room this is clearly somewhat different. Nevertheless, because it’s freemium, it’s shockingly deep.

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