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The Best Personal Training Apps: Our Top 5 Picks

Going to the gym versus working out at home is a comfortable and cost-effective choice. Even the most dedicated fitness fanatics would find it difficult to schedule their own workouts. The best personal training apps come in handy in this situation because they allow you to enjoy high-quality training almost anywhere.

The 5 Best Personal Training Apps to Maintain Fitness

There are a variety of the best personal trainer apps available. Which is the most effective? You need to think about the following things to figure it out:

The Goals – Do you need an app that tracks your runs, do you want more loop workouts, or do you want to get tougher?

Injury History – If you have any old injuries or achy muscles, I suggest seeing a physical therapist or professional trainer to learn what to avoid and how to adapt exercises to fit your needs. That’s not something you’ll find in any app.

Previous Exercise Insights – Many of the apps categorize exercises as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Make sure you choose the version that best suits your needs, not just in terms of how hard you want to practice, but also in terms of how much expertise you have.



FiiT is a fitness coach app with a subscription framework that includes a range of classes at various levels of difficulty. The duration of each class is usually between 10 and 40 minutes.

Yoga, strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, and low-impact cardio are among the fitness options. In addition, the app includes over 20 different training programmes that are customised to individual fitness objectives and levels of expertise Your subscription also grants you access to an online community where you can workout with your peers and compete on group leaderboards.

Fee: FiiT, one of the best personal training apps, provides a 14-day free trial as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans starting at about $13 per month.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Our favorite app is this one. Nike Training Club is one of the free personal training apps for Android and iOS that includes over 100 yoga, strength, cardio, and other fitness videos. Multiweek training classes, streaming exercises, fitness tips, and mindfulness methods are all included in the premium edition.

Fee: The premium version was previously $14.95 a month, but Nike revealed last year that it would be given away for free to help people stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic.


FitBod personal training app

This app assists you to create a personalised fitness plan using a range of exercises such as bodyweight training, weightlifting, cardio, or a combination of the three. Fitbod reads your fitness history and suggests ways to enhance your workout routine with various movements and reps using artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms.

Fee: With a 30-day free trial, prices are $9.99 per month or $59.99 a year.


MyFitnessPal personal training app

MyFitnessPal is a mobile app and website that helps users to keep track of their diet and exercise habits. It keeps track of calories, nutrients, and exercises that measure how much calories you burn, as well as providing game-style encouragement and feedback on your success.

With workouts and diet monitoring, it’s a great one-stop shop. For his online coaching clients, he uses MyFitnessPal for nutrition tracking: “They can send me their food diary, and I can give them feedback through the app”, states Still Clayton.

Fee: MyFitnessPal, one of the best personal training apps, is completely free at the most basic level, with a premium tier available for $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

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Ladder Teams

Ladder Teams best personal training apps

This app has programming for everyone, whether you’re just getting started with a workout routine or a seasoned gym goer. You’ll find top-tier coaching in a convenient at-home environment. Prenatal and postnatal workouts, flexibility and strength-building sessions, HIIT classes, and other options are available. You can partake in the exercises governed by famous trainers, like: Sam Tooley, Lauren Kanski and Meghan Hayden.

Fee: The subscription fee is $59 a month after a seven-day free trial.

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